Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Foxiest?

TwitPic Theater: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Foxiest Playmate of Them All?

TwitPic theater is a collection of the sexiest pictures posted by Playmates and Playboy models from the week. Take a peek into the sexy lives of the girls at photo shoots, on nights out, and more.


Mirror, mirror on the wall… @Ciara_Price.


Whatever reason she’s rolling around on the floor is cool by us: @BrittanyBinger.

@AmandaCerny & @Swan_Am1

@AmandaCerny with @Swan_Am1 taking in some anchor sites.


@SheraBechard getting spanked by Ted! Was she a bad girl?


@JessicaBurciaga looking golden and curvy in her crochet bathing suit thing doily


@jessahinton looking picture perfect.


@hiromioshima channels some Unbearable Lightness of Being hat action.

Heineken Party

Heineken party at the Mansion with @deannabrooks, @AmeliaTalon, @RPomplun, Lacey and Teri. You wish you were there. We all do.


@ClaireSinclair_ baby dolls that action.


@FrancescaFrigo‘s series of black and white walking out of the ocean shots are constantly stunning.