TwitPic Theater: Android Phones, Kangoo Jumps, Golf Course Beauties Edition

Last weekend was a great weekend to be alive. Don’t believe us? We spent it curating the hottest pics from the hottest girls, and it was glorious. The TwitPics below are reasons to live and love it. Enjoy.

@francescafrigo is pumped to get in shape, stay in shape and utterly embarrass the wildly out-of-shape TSJ staff with her off-the-charts good looks.

@jelenajensen@jelenajensen enjoyed some beautiful San Francisco weather and relaxation.

@heatherraeyoung @kimphilips9_09@heatherraeyoung and @kimphilips9_09 looked w-o-w in matching skirts on the golf course this weekend.

@adriennecurry in her Kangoo Jumps about to take part in a crazy kickboxing class

@amiamiley@amiamiley must be working for Verizon Wireless or Google, because suddenly we really, really want to buy one of those HTC Incredible Android smart phones now.

@KristenLynnXo@KristenLynnXo and way too many sexy friends ready for a night on the town. This shot wins the award for “TwitPic I’m Most Likely to Photoshop Myself Into So My Mom Thinks I’m A Success” this week.

@kortneykane@kortneykane shows off a sexy manicure, bejeweled phone, well-appointed bathroom and perfect backside. We really wanted to show a completely NSFW picture @kortneykane took inside a tanning bed, but we’ll just share the link instead.

@1heatherrene  @misskassielyn@1heatherrene and @misskassielyn hug it out on the set of a shoot.

@bryleighrayne@bryleighrayne is all smiles with her friend while out this weekend

That’s it for this week’s TwitPic Theater. For one more NSFW image in which Playboy Radio’s @theandrealowell shows why she loves her job, click here.