Twitpic Theater: Sexy Halloween Edition

Halloween is quite possibly the most importantly holiday for TwitPic Theater. Our top talent scout spent the day scarfing miniature candies and scouring Twitter for pictures of the sexiest costumes of 2010. Here is our report.

@jaimeedmondson@jaimeedmondson hits us straight in the heart as the Queen of Hearts.

Hot Halloween Costume@PlaymateValerie @T_Mitch_ looked angelic and deadly as angel and vampire, but leave us horribly indecisive about whether to choose good or evil. Thanks, girls.

Sexy Halloween CostumeOut Fantasy Football gurus @deannabrooks @realpilarlastra brought sexy to the football field this weekend.

@MissMarch2009 @KimPhillips9_09 @hiromioshima

@MissMarch2009 @KimPhillips9_09 @hiromioshima made a gorgeous crew at their Playboy Kandy Halloween party. @KimPhillips9_09 turned a shirt from one of our Back to the Future giveaways into a zombie costume. Enter to win your own Hill Valley High T-shirt here.

@crystalharris @jaimeedmondson @amyleighandrews @laurenhwaugh @kimphillips9_09 and @hughhefnerThis Halloweekend @crystalharris, @jaimeedmondson, @amyleighandrews, @laurenhwaugh, @kimphillips9_09, @heatherraeyoung and @hughhefner probably didn’t eat a bucket of mini-Twix bars on their own while watching edited Friday the 13th reruns on basic cable. Just a guess. Not that anyone here did. We swear.

@bryleigh_rayne and @CassidyGray went with a pirate theme. @bryleigh_rayne put it best, tweeting, “Found my pirate and she found her treasure chest.” Bonus points for the pun.

@heatherraeyoung@heatherraeyoung wore two costumes this weekend, and we’re thinking the sexy equestrian is the best we’ve seen all year. Undeniably the best use of tassels in the history of costumes.

@sheridynfisher @laurenwaugh@sheridynfisher @laurenwaugh were apparently in ancient Rome for the holiday. Oh,to be that stone lion.

@nadialarysa@nadialarysa snuck behind the scenes at the @playboy Halloween party and tried on some of the Back to the Future-themed props we’re auctioning off on eBay for charity.


@amyleighandrews@AnnaSophiaB and @amyleighandrews were both granting wishes this weekend, but we want to know which one you prefer. Take to the comments on these next few pairs of costume twins and let us know who are your favorites!



@rockgirlkelly and @missnov98 both took Wonder Woman and made her extra sexy. Who do you want lasso-ing you from the jaws of villainy? Let us know!

That’s it for this extra-long, bonus edition of TwitPic Theater. Check back next week for more of the sexiest pictures in the Twit-o-sphere (yeah, we said Twit-o-sphere).