TwitPic Theater: Halloween Edition Part 2

Halloween provides girls all around the world a chance to take off (most) of their clothes.  Creativity runs rampant as girls try to think of how to make everything sexy no matter what the costume.  Big Bird turns into “sexy Big Bird.”  Do you want to dress up as a banana? Sexy banana.  How about a cop, nurse, pilot or Dexter? Sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy pilot, sexy Dexter.  The theme is clear.  Below are the best costumes Playmates and sexy girls posted to Twitter.

Told you, sexy Dexter. Playmate @Amandacerny stabbing @Kari_Nautique

@Jessicaburciaga is a Playboy Pocahontas, not to be confused with a Disney Pocahontas

KimPhillips9_09-@TiffanyTothxoxo-and-amyleighandrews.jpg" alt="" width="486" height="650" />Play spot the mustache with @MissKassieLyn @KimPhillips9_09 @deannabrooks @amyleighandrews & @TiffanyTothxoxo

Laurenhwaugh-@sheridynfisher.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="448" />Halloween is the only holiday where maple leaves are sexy – @sheridynfisher  @Laurenhwaugh and @OliviaPaige00

Vertical stripes are a slimming – Playmate @amandacerny with @hughhefner

@YailenRodriguez always uses protection, on her nipples.

Someone dressed up as @CrystalHarris on the cover of Playboy magazine’s July 2011 Issue

Someone photo bombed a picture of Rainy Day, @sheridynfisher, and @laurenhwaugh with their thumb

Green fairies travel in limos when their wings are tired – Playmate @francescafrigo

Playmate @JessaHinton was voted hottest devil in the bathroom

Playmate @AmandaCerny makes innocence sexy in her angel costume

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who choose to wear a minimal amount of clothing on Halloween.  Anyone up for a sexy Thanksgiving? Sexy Boxing Day?

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