TwitPic Theater Frozen Beach Cocktails, Mansion Uno Night, Sexy Sandwich, Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up Edition

While you were out celebrating Valentine’s Day yesterday and likely making out with and cuddling your collective valentines, we were collecting some hot valentines tweets and other sexy tweets from the last week and putting together at super-hot TwitPic Theater for you. Consider it our valentine to you. Will you be our valentine?

@katievernola@KatieVernola asked the folks on Twitter if her outfit was “too much” for Valentine’s Day. Our answer: You have one lucky valentine because that is perfection.

@jaimeedmondson tweeted from Valentine’s Day at the Bunny House. Somebody loves Bunnies!

@hollymadison bares her heart for Valentine's day@HollyMadison bares her heart for Valentine’s Day


@gamernextdoor@GamerNextDoor celebrated un-Valentine’s Day (as she called it) in a non-red dress. @GamerNextDoor can we celebrate un-Valentine’s Day with you next year?

@TiffanySelby’s bedroom photo shoot was one of our favorites from this past week. Its definitely worth checking her feed for the rest of the photos.

@JessicaBurciaga just, you know, hanging out and looking okay. And by okay, we mean GOOD FREAKING GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN THERE’S AN EXIT SIGN IN THE BACKGROUND BUT WHO WOULD EVER EXIT AND LEAVE THIS VIEW BEHIND. Ahem. Excuse me.

@TheAndreaLowell has a dream job on the Playboy Radio’s and the proof is in this picture. I always knew I should have become a morning show host.

@SaraUnderwood and her sandwich look delicious.

JusteneJaro-@DawnJaro-arent-one-of-the-sexiest-foursomes-youve-ever-seen-out-on-the-town-well-I-dont-believe-you1.jpeg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />If @JessicaBurciaga @TanishaABrown @JusteneJaro @DawnJaro aren’t one of the sexiest foursomes you’ve ever seen out on the town, well, come on.

@OliviaPaige00 got several Valentine’s Day cards and tweeted pics of her favorites.

@RealKDanielle also got a valentine meaning that she got at least one more valentine than I did.

annasophiabe-@ashleyhobbs21-snapped-this-shot-during-uno-night-at-the-Mansion1.jpg" alt="" width="490" height="655" />@CrystalHarris @JaimeEdmondson @CristalCamden @KimPhillips9_09 @AnnaSophiab @AshleyHobbs21 snapped this shot during Uno night at the Mansion.

@jessalynnhinton@JessaLynnHinton shows off her sexy bikini body and pays homage to that old Coppertone ad.

@MissNov98 looks sexy in Valentine’s Day red.

@PlaymateValerie enjoys a tropical getaway with a nice frozen beverage while we’re still stuck here at @ThisIsTSJ headquarters where the closest thing to tropical frozen drinks is licking snow in front of our space heater.

@KristinaShn1 hit the beach as well. Go ahead, rub it in girls. Oh well, time to finish my delicious snowball and time for you to move on because this week’s TwitPic Theater is done. Come back next week where once again we’ll explore the hottest tweets together.