TwitPic Theater: Cowboys, Bruce Lee, New York Giants Edition

Another week, another chance to uncover some of the sexiest pics that have ever been Tweeted. Did we succeed? See for yourself.

@francescafrigo@francescafrigo shows off her sexy fall attire.

@monicaleepaige was a little late in posting Halloween pics from her trip down under, but all is forgiven.

@vitaminsbystacy and a few friends toured Central Park this week.

@kristinashn1 put it perfectly when she tweeted: “HOTASSES.” Amen.


@hiromioshima shared some behind-the-scenes shots from a photo shoot that found her all cowboy-ed up and in full-on Bruce Lee body paint.

@lauriejfetter@lauriejfetter gets photo-bombed in her slat shades.

@rebysky@rebysky got a sparkly new Giants T-shirt. Great buy!

@clairsinclair_@clairsinclair_ shows off her gift basket. Is that a @justinbieber in there?

@sheridynfisher @Amyleighandrews @MissKassieLyn @madelonyo@sheridynfisher @Amyleighandrews @MissKassieLyn @madelonyo should guarantee that you find your way back here again next week, because that’s it for this week’s TwitPic Theater!