TwitPic Theater: Deadmau5, Time Travel, Helicopters Edition

Here’s your weekly fix of the hottest women on Twitter and the picture trail they left us of their weekend adventures!

@vh1feisty@vh1feisty shows off her spread in the 2011 Hooters Calendar


@jamieedmondson reps it for her Dolphins, who handed Brett Favre and the Vikings their second loss on Sunday.

@ThELindseyGayLE with @deadmau5

@ThELindseyGayLE with white hot music producer @deadmau5


@DaniFornarelli and friends raised the temperature this weekend.


@AdrianneCurry posted this headless shot that shows off her…umm…assets very nicely.


@kristinashannon shows off her stunning legs next to what we can only assume is a time traveler…because those saggy jeans are definitely not from 2010.


A stunning @EricaChevillar gives some poor high-schooler stuck in costume the hug of his night at what we can only guess is somewhere called Rita’s. Yummmmy.


@bexspace1 readies herself for a night on the town while her stuffed sailor bear (maybe it’s male nurse bear?) looks on longingly.


@heatherraeyoung shows us how she gets high like planes. Specifically, she does it in helicopters.


@hiromioshima showed her colors, and they were Bengal orange this weekend!