TwitPic Theater: Best Ever Edition Featuring Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Bud Light, Tanning Bed Face Off and Naughty Nurses

This is without a doubt the best TwitPic Theater of all time. I know, I know. Every week I tease the awesome collection of photos that are a few flicks of the scroll wheel down on this page, but something about this week must have had the beautiful women on Twitter tweeting in overdrive because it seems like every model, Playmate and girl next door was tweeting their heart out. Ladies and gentlemen, I present: THE BEST TWITPIC THEATER EVER

This TwitPic of @JessicaBurciaga may or may not be a figment of my imagination because, frankly, it’s too amazing to be real. If you can also see it, then you know what I mean.

@jaimeedmondson, @nadialarysa and a few other Playboy models on set for this Bud Light video. @jaimeedmondson later asked if anyone wanted an ice cold Bud Light. Umm…

@ambercampisi wore multiple hats. Just to be sure.

Red rover, red rover let @amylynngrover come over. (Apologies for the cheesiness of that one.)


@alektrablue@kortneykane and @alektrablue both tweeted from inside tanning beds. Let’s play US Weekly. Who wore the tanning bed better? Vote in the comments.

@nadialarysaThe competing views of @nadialarysa and the Chicago skyline make this one of the most amazing pictures we’ve ever featured on TwitPic Theater.

@bexspace1 was at the Mansion this week and, while this is a sexy photo, she also posted a NSFW photo from a Playboy party that might rock your face right off.

@HeatherRaeYoung, @Amyleighandrews, @TiffanySelby and @karamonaco partied at a private Bon Jovi and Motley Crue concert. Don’t believe me? Check out @thevinceneil and what might be Bon Jovi in the background musically photobombing these beatufiul girls’ photos.

@Jessalynnhinton @DanaLaur3n


@Jessalynnhinton, @DanaLaur3n and @realmisacampo put on their sexy nurse costumes and, at least in my mind, performed miracles and saved lives.

Every Friday @SheraBechard has a #FriskyFriday wherein she tweets ultra-sexy photos of herself. Unfortunately, our standards and practices department says that I can’t show you the tweet that I really, really, really want to. It’s too NSFW. So, if you want to see it click here, but if not just look at this dark picture and imagine.