TwitPic Theater: Bad Sweaters and Bad Ass Tans

Well, well, well TwitPic Theater readers, good to see you again. Kendra Zager is out of commission this week and I’m hoping I can fill her shoes. I haven’t written a TwitPic Theater in awhile, so I may be a bit rusty. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to make things extra interesting this week. Just for this week, I went ahead and changed things up a bit. We still found a collection of the hottest pictures on Twitter, but this week is the first ever ALL DUDE TWITPIC THEATER! What’s that? I’m fired? Stop typing? But look at this dude’s biceps. Come on!

It looks like ALL DUDE TWITPIC THEATER is on indefinite hiatus (I might just have been bluffing anyway). Luckily, I was prepared for this eventuality and still had a special ALL SEXY LADIES TWITPIC THEATER ready to go. Check it out.


@JessaHinton proves that hot girls and laptop computers always have a place on TSJ.


@FrancescaFrigo shows off her warm weather gear and we finally understand how she makes it through those harsh Miami winters.


Then again, maybe @FrancescaFrigo is just clowning around this week.

We caught @ShannaMclaughln catching a fish. (Psssssst @ShannaMclaughln….your shorts are unbuttoned…)

This time of year everyone talks about their favorite things. Anyone who ever made a list of their favorite things – including, but not limited to Oprah and Julie Andrews – and didn’t include @Jaclyn_Swedberg’s perfect booty tan was just blowing smoke. Oh I’m wrong?


Boom. @JaclynSwedberg even claims that her mom is responsible for the spray tan perfection.


@MeiLingLam’s sexy mirror shot proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we both have the same toothbrush.


@LeolaBell is a stunningly gorgeous Playmate who tweets tons of sexy photos, but this left me sad. Where’s that gorgeous smile? Where are those eyes? I could only hope for another photo to set things right…


Yeah, yeah, of course that was an obvious set up, but @LeolaBell blows up Twitter with some many hot photos it was necessary to create a reason to put a couple in this week.

@AmandaCerny tweeted about her Harley envy and wishing to join @JaimeEdmondson, @HeatherRaeYoung, @MeiLingLam, and @Jaclyn_Swedberg in Playboy and Harley Davidson’s
Key Club.

@RebySky tweeted that she thought this outfit might be kind of “meh”. Yes @RebySky, that’s the word you’re looking for: “meh”. As long as this is how they define “meh” in the dictionary:

1. splendid or sumptuous in appearance, coloring, etc.; magnificent: a meh gown; a meh sunset.
2. extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant: I had a meh time.

@TiffanyTothxoxo shows off her bad sweater and I think that’s a pretty good cliffhanger to leave you with until next week.

Come back next week for more beautiful, sexy tweets from the hottest women in the universe and no dudes. We promise. Because I’m fired.