TwitPic Theater: Roller Skates, Miami Dolphins, Marines, Attack of the Show Edition

TwitPic Theater isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s some heart stopping photos of the hottest hotties on the whole internet in this stretch of the internet. If you think your ticker is in good enough shape to handle it, then proceed. But you have been warned.

@JessicaBurciaga is on roller skates and that makes it a good day to be alive.

@jaimeedmondson is back in her natural habitat at the Miami Dolphins game this weekend.

@IrinaVoronina takes a break from riding around on Tron inspired Lightcycles (link is NSFW) to meet the troops at the Playboy Toy Drive.

@meganmedellin wins the product placement award of the week with the pink Bunny blanket on the bed.

@heather_tweets reflects on life and we like it.

@sheridynfisher posted a picture washing her bike and bringing to the fore our weakness for suds.

@KakiWest10 @tararenee12 keep things super sexy this last weekend.

@SaraUnderwood tweeted this from behind the scenes at G4′s Attack of the Show which she’s been hosting quite a lot lately. We’re gonna go watch. See y’all next week.