TwitPic Theater: Girls in Body Paint


Over here at TSJ Headquarters we answer the world’s most pressing question: What does a bunny do during the day?

Are they springing? Are they flinging? What did they do with that hour that time stole, this weekend?

The answers herewith. 

TwitPic theater is a collection of the sexiest pictures posted by Playmates and Playboy models from the week. Take a peek into the sexy lives of the girls at photo shoots, on nights out, and more. 

@ClaireSinclair_ : Wild horses couldn’t make us look away from her pony horse.

Left or right? Which one’s your fave @HeatherRaeYoung? We like both sides now.

It’s exercise, guys. @Jaclyn_Swedberg‘s keeping flexi.

@FrancescaFrigo looks pretty in front of every backdrop.

TSJ homie @JessicaVaugn‘s got some necklaces stuck in her cleavage. Aw shucks.

@LeolaBell looks good with nuthin’ on but a coupla chips of body paint.
Think you’d look as good with so little on?

@Ciara_Price is back to black.

Lookit her go: @JessicaBurciaga‘s all happy in the sunshine.

Another day, another trip! World traveler @AmandaCerny shows off her well-worn passport.

In a while crocodile: Is @AmeliaTalon giving this guy the brush off?