Tuesday Totty: Porny-named Lacey Banghard is the New Page 3 Idol


totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

The journalistic achievements of British tabloid newspaper The Sun are many — we suppose. Actually, no — our occasional reading of sun.co.uk over the years has always turned up stories about crap British TV shows, vapid British celebrities and news of the weird as only the British can do it.

It is not, as newspapers go, a good newspaper. But as a system for delivering topless young women, The Sun is first-rate. Its Page 3 Girls make for some of the finest girlwatching on the planet.

In 2002, inspired by the TV show Pop Idol, The Sun started a contest called Page 3 Idol. The winner? No, not the one you’re thinking of — the first competition was won by Nicola Tappenden, usually known simply as Nicola T. In 2003, it was won by — no, not yet — Krystle Gohel. The breakthrough came in 2004, when a lass from Bromley named Keeley Hazell won it and set the internet on fire. In the years since we’ve seen more ups and downs: Well done with Sam Cooke (2006) and Kelly Hall (2010), though Freya Haseldine (2005) is but a footnote. And poor Jenny Grant (2007) committed suicide.

And this year? Bedford’s own Lacey Banghard. Yes, that is her real name. Here’s the NSFW article about her victory. Her Indian dad split when she was a kid, and she moved out of her mother’s house at 16 — not the most stable of upbringings, we gather. But winning Page 3 Idol has her all excited. But perhaps Page 3 photographer Alison Webster puts it best: “Lacey is totally different — massive boobs and very fresh at 18. She’s got a tiny body and a great bum as well.”

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as Lacey’s career takes off. In the meantime, enjoy this small handful of photos of her and some nice ones of past winners Keeley and Sam Cooke as well.