Tuesday Totty: Keeley Hazell Returns!

Keeley Hazell

A year ago in this space we played the “what-ever-happened-to” game with Keeley Hazell and — in addition to sharing many lovely pictures from her glory days — had to conclude that we’d never see her in a bikini (or less) again.

Keeley, for those unfamiliar, was a Page 3 Girl in the UK — she won “Page 3 Idol” (like American Idol but with boobs and no singing) and the planets aligned to make her the most popular topless girl on the internet. For, oh, three years and change. And then, around 2008, she pulled a Keyser Soze. Gone.

Now, thanks to British mag FHM, and unlike Keyser Soze, Keeley is back! For “one final shoot” she says.

All praise FHM for giving us this last glimpse of their “all time favourite pin-up” — check their feature on her here for more pictures. (These scans are from TotallyCrap.)