Tuesday Totty: Howard’s End

Sophie HowardOh such sad, sad news out of the UK last week. On Christmas-Eve-Eve, Sophie Howard (aka @reetocheeto) sent this out:

“So, news of the day.. I’m hanging up that glittery thong – no more modelling for me.. Thank you all, sincerely, for supporting me for the past years, it’s been ace fun and I’ve met some awesome people. Thank you again, and the chebs say they’ll miss the freedom ;) x”

Reaction from the cheb-modeling community was swift and heartfelt:

Lucy Pinder (@LPinderOfficial): @ReetoCheeto those amazing boobs will be missed lady! x

Holly Peers (@HollyJadePeers): Can’t express in words how much I’m going to miss working with @ReetoCheeto :,(

Emma Glover (@MissEmmaGlover): @HollyJadePeers @ReetoCheeto same!! Although I will always hold the story of the sofa arm close to my heart x

Ah, Sophie. We always liked her and join the rest of the world in bidding her and the chebs a sad farewell. They will be missed.