Tuesday Totty: Help a Pretty Girl Make a Movie

Meddy Ford

totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

Meddy Ford

This is Meddy Ford. Cute, right?

Not too long ago Meddy was what they call in the UK a glamour model, meaning she appeared in a lad magazine or two with her Bristols out.

She did well enough — she was named fifth hottest woman in Wales and landed a spot on Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. You may remember her from a previous appearance on this site — although you more likely remember her from the scene in Get Him to the Greek having her boobs bounced up and down by a gleeful Russell Brand.

Fun and games, travel and photo shoots, reality television, hanging out with hotel heiresses and being fondled by comedians — in other words, the good life. But as she recalls on her blog, “my heart just wasn’t in it. I didn’t care about photoshoots or having my pictures in magazines anymore.”

Meddy decided she wanted to make films, and she’s been pursuing that full time for maybe a year. Not just be in films, which she’s also doing, but make them as a writer and producer. And it seems to be going well — one film she wrote/produced/stars in, “Butterflies,” is in post-production, and another one, called “Driftwood,” is in the fund-raising stage. “‘Driftwood’ is the story of Sam, a teenage swimming prodigy, from the wrong end of town with very few friends and a tough family life,” she tells us. “It’s about his journey to the most important moments of his life and how he uses his swimming training to overcome his fears and stand up for himself.”

Driftwood Teaser Poster

Meddy and her co-conspirators are trying to raise money for “Driftwood,” and they’ve set up a page at IndieGoGo where you can learn more and contribute. Maybe you like supporting indie film, maybe you just like giving money to pretty ladies — doesn’t matter, really, Meddy’s happy to have you aboard in either case. A ten dollar donation gets you a personalized video thank-you video from Meddy.

(And for the 40 percent of you that asked, no it is not a naked video. At least we don’t think it is. Not for ten bucks anyway, you cheap bastards.)

In all seriousness, supporting film is cool, as is supporting glamour models in their second acts. So if you’re of a mind to do so, IndieGoGo’s the site. And now (finally, you say) more pictures of Meddy.