Tuesday Totty: Cheer Up, England, Katie Marie Is Back

So the English soccer team lost to the Italians in a shootout following a scoreless draw on Sunday. And of all the shitty ways of exiting a major international competition, that has got to be the shittiest. You might as well go out on the flip of a coin.

However amidst all the hubbub and anguish of Euro 2012 (trust us, there is hubbub galore over there, or was), something has happened that ought to make a few footy fans happy. Here, look at this:

Katie Marie Page aka Cork

That’s a picture of Katie Marie Page, tweeted as she geared up to watch England play a group-stage match. Katie Marie Page used to be Katie Marie Cork, and this is the sort of thing Katie Marie Cork was famous for before she retired from modeling:

Katie Marie Page aka Cork

It was a sad day when Katie Marie retired, but here’s the thing: That picture above was published in Britain’s Daily Sport in March. And when Katie Marie sent it out over the Twitter a few weeks ago she wrote: “Did a shoot in feb and only just found the issue Sunday sport 4th march….enjoy”

Do you know what this means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Katie Marie Page aka Katie Marie Cork is back in the modeling game!

Or is she? She seems to go back and forth on Twitter. One moment she says she’s still retired, then she’s all, “Look, new pictures of me in the Sport today.” Hmm. Well she should come back. That’s our view.

Here are some pictures of her from back in the day — some of these are quite old: