Tuesday Totty: America Loves Rosie Jones, India Reynolds & Emma Frain

totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

Nothing makes us happier than brightening a beautiful woman’s day while expending little to no effort. Just some offhand remark or statement of fact that delights her. Like this — some dude sent a tweet to the superhot British babe India Reynolds and she remarked

indiareynolds @tomeddie78 wow! I have American fans! X

Really? You didn’t know you had American fans? Of course you do, you perennially shirtless wonder.

Emma Frain got a similar message, to which she responded, although she responds to all her admirers. She’s a woman of the people, and a naked one at that.

emfrain “@mtong79: @emfrain Fan from America here! You ever been to the States?” Yeah I went to DisneyLand Florida and Sarasota when I was about 14!

But the strangest, we thought, was this video made by Reuben “Reubnick” Glaser of Wisconsin. He wrote in for a contest to be Rosie Jones’ Valentine, and won, and was so thrilled at the package of goodies (a signed calendar and a supply of Big D Nuts) that he made a video of himself unwrapping it.

rosieofthejones @Reubnick : @rosieofthejones I was so excited about the package, I made a video. Http://goo.gl/vwpZt – This made my day, you amaze my life!!

It’s dorky as hell, but you gotta hand it to the guy — it worked. Then Emma Glover, Rosie’s topless model friend (whom we brought to you last week) chimes in:

MissEmmaGlover @Reubnick I wanted to say I saw ur youtube video & it seems u love my wife @rosieofthejones almost as much as I do. We should compare notes

Yes ladies, Americans love you too. You may talk with a funny accent but the pictures you take speak the international language. If this gives you joy to learn that, an ocean away, we’re glad to be of service. We’re all about the joy.