Tuesday Tease Won’t Take This Lying Down

How fair is it that Friday is so close to Monday, but Monday is so far from Friday? We’re calling it. We’re calling that Not. So. Fair.

We over at TSJ Headquarters were totally unable to bear the thought of having to spend an entire week waiting for it to end, and so we thought we’d our ladyfriends who pose for us to help bring you a new day to celebrate Playboy models at the beginning of the week. We call it #TuesdayTease.

We’re proud to bring the brand-new weekly feature, #TuesdayTease, where our Cyber Girls, Playmates and hottest fans tweet out their sexiest selfies for your viewing pleasure. Wanna take part? You just have to tweet your photo to @PlayboyDotCom with the hashtag #TuesdayTease and we’ll post the hottest photos here.