TSJ Talks to Glam Photographer Emma Ven

TSJ TALKS TO South African photographer, Emma Ven, about the art of capturing beautiful women on film.

The Smoking Jacket: How did you get into photography?

Emma Ven: I started shooting nine years ago. I started out as a booker for a modeling agency, and I just always had a love and appreciation for photos. So I started shooting models at the agency and taught myself the skills to be a photographer. I now work full-time as a photographer, and I love every minute of it.

TSJ: Where are you based? 

EV: I’m based in South Africa, but I often travel to LA, Canada, Miami, etc., for work.

TSJ: What kinds of campaigns have you shot? 

EV: I’ve shot editorials for GQ, Elle, Cosmo, Ugg Boots, FHM, and Esquire.

TSJ: Where did you shoot today’s model, Summer Crosley?

EV: In Malibu, California, this last March.

TSJ: What was it like to work with Summer?

EV: Summer was awesome to work with. She has an amazing body and great energy, and she’s very professional. And we actually did this shoot in 45 minutes!

TSJ: What have been your most memorable experiences as a photographer so far?  

EV: My fave was a trip to Thaiti, a most gorgeous place.

TSJ: What would be a dream shoot?

EV: On a yacht in paradise!

TSJ: Whose work inspires you? 

EV: Herb Ritts–pure genius.

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