The Top 10 Sexy Twister Videos

The Top 10 Sexy Twister Videos

Twister is second only to Spin the Bottle as the world’s horniest party game. In fact, it’s virtually sex in a box. Who isn’t stoked to stretch and contort with giddy girls on a plastic mat? But sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch. We bent over backward to find the sexiest Twister vids on the web.

#10: Beach Twister

#9: Half-Naked Twister

#8: Solo Bikini Twister

#7: House Party Twister

#6: Twister with a Twist

#5: Mario Racequeen Twister

#4: Lesbian Twister

#3: Twister Upskirt

#2: Twister in Fishnets

#1: Models Get Twisted