Tiffany Habib is Small Town Sexy

Tiffany Habib

Looking at Tiffany Habib inevitably leads to a lot of thoughts racing through your mind. However, it’s unlikely that any of those thoughts are “Hey, I bet she’s from a really small town in the Midwest.” But that’s exactly where she’s from (Adamsville, Ohio to be exact). The town she hails from has one gas station, one convenience store and, much to our delight, one insanely sexy resident.

But you can’t keep this much beauty confined to that small of a place for long, and Tiffany has broken out in fine fashion. She’s been featured in Maxim magazine and Maxim online and has done promotional modeling shoots for a diverse array of companies including Valvoline Racing, Monster and Jack Daniels. And now, we’re happy to feature her right here on The Smoking Jacket.

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Photo Credits: Kalen Photo, J. Scott Photography, Marty McBride, MobiusCo Photo