The TSA Strikes Again

The TSA is at it again. This holiday season has been a rough one for the people in charge of making sure you ditch all of your deadly toothpaste and hair gel before traveling this great nation’s vast blue skies. To protest new body scan technology that some have decided is a little too invasive, a situation that can only be remedied by way of a pat down that borders on sexual assault, some travelers have been showing up at the airport in their skivvies. The thinking behind this tactic is that if they’re nearly nude, the unwelcome pat downs can be avoided.

Unfortunately, that plan isn’t unfolding properly for some travelers. Take the case of Tammy Banovac, for example. She’s a retired surgeon who also happens to be bound to a wheelchair. Naturally, when a solid metal device is an integral part of your moving around routine, passing through a metal detector is completely impossible. Tammy always skips the metal detector, but has recently noticed that the resulting pat downs have been getting a lot more…intimate. So she did what so many others have been doing, she showed up at the airport rocking a trench coat and nothing but some remarkably sexy lingerie underneath.

It’s pretty clear from the photo above that Dr. Banovac is almost completely lacking in the “places to hide shit” department. So she should breeze right through security, right? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at an airport stop in Oklahoma City, where the good doctor was subjected to a one hour pat down. And it actually gets worse from there.

Because of the needlessly thorough strip search, Tammy missed her flight. So she decided to come back the next day to try again. Shockingly, she was subjected to the exact same treatment the second time around. That’s not cool, and not just because she’s a drop dead sexy older lady in a wheelchair who is honestly doing all of us a favor by showing up to the airport in such a scantily clad state. No, it’s not just that at all, because we have another dog in this fight as well.

Turns out, Tammy Banovac posed for a magazine you may be familiar with back in 1997. And we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Look, TSA, you fondle that Corinne girl all you want, but hands off our ladies, you heard?

To see Tammy Banovac back when we all knew her as Dr. Tammy Lynn Brewer, click here. (NSFW!)