The Scoop on Shay the UK Bombshell, Kanye West’s New Girlfriend

Shay the UK Bombshell

The word is out: Kanye West has a new girlfriend, one bodacious “Shay” of the UK. She’s also known as Shay the UK Bombshell, and we just happen to have chatted with her recently. In case you missed it, here are some highlights—Yeezy, you may want read this—and a picture or two:

Why she is the ideal woman:

“I will always put you before me and be there for you through the good and bad times. I’ll be your lover and your friend.”

Why she isn’t:

“I lose interest quick—so you have to keep me entertained.”

Her favorite parts of a man:

“Smile and eyes—good ones can make me melt!”

How to impress her:

“Be honest, and have a great sense of humor.”

How to turn her on:

“Be confident—and remember, confidence and being conceited are two different things.”

How to disappoint her:

“Lie to me.”

Her favorite underwear:

“Something lace or silky.”

Her sexiest underwear:

“No underwear! Underwear gets in the way of things sometimes.”

What she wears to bed:

“I sleep naked.”

Her best feature:

“My eyes, simply because eyes are powerful!”

Something about her body she would change:

“My butt and legs. I have no butt! I think all the meat went to the Twins.”

What men love about her:

“My sense of humor. They also say quite a lot that they like that I’m such a humble person. And hmm—must not forget my boobs, since that’s what people first notice!”

What she likes about having big boobs:

“The attention I get, and how they fill up my dresses and tops. I find big boobs look better in dresses.”

What she calls hers:

“I normally let the guys name them—I just call them ‘The Twins.’”

Boob sensitivity:

“They’e very sensitive. In fact, all this talking about them is having an effect. My nipples are quite hard right now. And now I’m blushing!”

Famous boobs she admires:

“Pam Grier’s. I get compared to her a lot and it gives me a bigger head, I think she is amazing.”

On posing for Playboy:

“Of course I would! It’s Playboy, and I have always been inspired by the women of Playboy such as Marilyn Monroe and Darine Stern. Plus it would be my very first time posing topless. I’m sure the guys and some ladies would love that! I’m an all natural 30JJ-26-37 ethnic woman from the UK, and Playboy was the first nude magazine I looked at. I would be seen as one of the greats.”

How she dresses when she goes out:

“Most times I keep my boobs out—actually, no, it’s not most times. I always show the twins when I go to the club or bar. I wear sexy dresses and tops—I wear anything sexy, simply because I have an excuse to dress sexy and I should show it off whilst I have it, right?”

Her secret sexual fantasy:

“Sex in outer space! I would love to go up into space and have sex and then come back to tell our dirty little secrets.”

Her choice in swimwear:

“It’s a Brazilian bikini that barely covers my nipples. If I were to run in it I’d have to be careful the Twins didn’t fall out—or smack me in the face! Pow!”

Where she likes to be touched:

“My heart, because once you touch me there I’ll keep you forever.”

What happens when she orgasms:

“I do a whole lot of gripping and moaning and groaning.”

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