The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell



This morning we spoke with Madam Becky, who illegally ran brothels in the UK for 25 years! She is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and expert in customer servicing and satisfaction. You can read all about it in her new book Madam.

We also talked to John Henson, the host of Wipeout on ABC. John said, “There is a lot of panic on our show.” Gina shared the information that her brother was the winner of  Wipeout recently, taking home $50,000 dollars! You can catch the show on Thursdays at 8/7c. Before the Power Hour, we welcomed back our Playboy contributor Joel Stein! Check out “A Guy’s Guide to Mommy Porn” in the September issue.


The Power Hour:

Today Mr. Skin gave us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. We got a sneak peek at Lucy Lawless’s perfect breasts, and revisited Kate Winslet’s nude scene in Titanic, which is now available in 3D on Blu-Ray.

Today Mr. Skin gave us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. We got a sneak peak at Lucy Lawless’ perfect breasts and revisited Kate Winslet’s nude scene in Titanic, which is now available in 3D on Blu-Ray.


After Andrea took us through her topless Lowell Down, we put our own twist on NBC’s X-Factor. Lovely models Paisley, Jackie Dawn and Jaclyn joined us in studio to audition for … SEX Factor! The girls were asked to show off their best talent in less than a minute to our panel of super star judges … Kevin, Andrea and former X-Factor staffer Jamie.

Paisley demonstrated her sexy striptease.

Wednesday 9/12/12


Today we began the show discussing VPL (Visible Panty Lines). Apparently panty lines are not sexy, but have they ever been?

We also looked back on our roots to find out who is related to someone famous — Royalty, movie stars, inventors, heroes. We broke down cousins, second cousins and so on to find out that current cover model Katrina Darling on Playboy’s September 2012 issue is related to Kate Middelton! Our Associate Producer Elise aka @MissAlizayy is related to Napoleon. Let us know if you have a famous relative in the cousin category (877-205-9796).

Playboy AdvisorChip Rowe took questions and gave advice about how to fix a past when having sex with your best friends wife, to men not interested in their heavy and overweight partners. If you have a question Chip will help! We also nominated Heffy awards right before the power hour!

The Power Hour:

Actress Ari Graynor called in this morning to tell us about her new film, “For a Good Time, Call…” It may be a romantic comedy about female friendship but there’s a lot of phone sex! See guys there is something for you to enjoy!

Photo Credit: Ryder Sloane/Focus Features

Violinist for the Dave Matthews Band, Boyd Tinsley dropped by the studio. He recently wrote, scored and produced a new film called, “Faces in the Mirror” which is currently available on iTunes. Boyd and the rest of the band will finish their tour tonight at the Hollywood Bowl at 7PM.

Models CharlotteJaclyn and Leslie joined us to compete in a round of everyone’s favorite radio game show, “Know It or Show It.” The rules are simple … Girls are asked trivia questions from certain categories and the right answer allows them to keep their clothes on but if the girls give us a wrong answer, articles of clothes are removed. Try this at home! Today’s categories included VPL and Other AbbreviationsApple Releases Its Newest Product Today: Long Lines of Nerds (questions about technology), and the Playboy Grab Bag (random trivia). The girls failed to answer the questions correctly, so they lost clothing and we got to see it all!

Wednesday 9/11/12


Andrea apologized this morning for last night’s Titty Picks! They had a good run, but perhaps we turn the job over to Big Titty Elise! The new NFL pants have become a little too revealing this season. The league switched to Nike after its uniform supplier for 10 years with Reebok. The new line made its debut as the regular season got underway.

Scott Alexander joined us for updates on all Games and Gadgets. Get ready for the new iPhone 5 coming out tomorrow!

We got into the mind of Hugh Hefner with “What Would Hef Do.” What does Hef think about Kinky Sex? –“As long as sex isn’t hurtful, and as long as it’s between consenting adults, what kind of sex you have really doesn’t matter.”

We chatted with Vanity Cruz, our Playboy Plus Featured Amateur from her bed and completely naked! Her favorite sex position is the flat doggy, but we have renamed it “The Vanity. Cookie Monster called in to give Vanity advice on baking her homemade chocolate chip cookies.

We played a guessing game, “What’s In Their Pants” where people are caught smuggling stuff in their pants based on clues. Today we found out a 42” flat screen TV, squirrels and $68.00 worth of meat were found! WOW!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the power hour by talking to the sexy Daisy Fuentes. Daisy will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the 90’s MTV show, “House of Style.” Check out her new line of wigs and hair accessories called “Wow” by LUXHAIR!

Photo Credit: Luxhair TM Facebook

After speaking to Daisy, comedian Bryan Callen joined us in-studio to talk about his upcoming comedy shows, and of course, to see Andrea!  He’s a HUGE fan of hers. Bryan will be performing at the Brea Improv this Saturday and Sunday – go support him, if you’re in the area.

Last but certainly not least, we introduced a new game called POSITION IMPOSSIBLE. Four of our models, Danielle, Lindsey, Amber and Heather answered trivia questions about sex positions bydemonstrating the positions! For example, when we asked, “What’s a cowboy’s dyslexic girlfriend called?” the girls demonstrated the position “Reverse Cowgirl”. They all did a perfect job!

Monday 9/10/12


Elise loses her first set of points from her Fantasy Girl’s Pittsburg Feelers! Random hottie, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were married over the weekend at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Elise is down 6 points!

For sale on eBay right now is a “vagina onion ring.” The top bid, sadly, is $9,100. According to the eBay post — the seller got an order of onion rings at Burger King last month and decided that two of them that apparently were fried together look like a vagina. Check it out!

We got into Good Naked/Bad Naked stories just before the Power Hour Auditions kicked off!

The Power Hour:

Today we held girlfriend auditions for the newly single Tom Cruise! Three potential mates, Lisa, Molly and Sara, joined us in studio dressed in their best “Risky Business” fashion. You know the look … white button-down shirt, underwear and sunglasses. It was HOT!  These lovely ladies were given the challenge of jumping on the couch while explaining why they’d be the best fit for Tom!

As the girls anticipated the sexy, single actor making his big entrance, we introduced them to “Tomas Cruz” instead! Oddly enough, they weren’t as interested in dating our Tom.

Andrea took out her boobs for tonight’s Monday Night Football Double Header “Lick ‘em, Stick ‘em, and Pick ‘em” picks. Her titty picks for the night are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders. Place your bets!