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Thursday 8/16/12


Kevin came across a webcam meltdown! We are unsure if Nina is bi-polar, but she definitely shared her breakdown with the public. View her video here.

A recipe remix video featuring Julia Child has been discovered! After celebrating what would have been her 100th Birthday last week, the ghost of Julia Child is back!

We checked in with Cookie Monster and his latest fantasies. Cookie would like to have a 3-way with Andrea and Gina over the weekend. Today, Cookie Monster officially met the blonde hair, green-eyed 32D breast Associate Producer, Elise!

Makin’ Bacon: Andrea introduced her Burner App, which is a privacy layer for your phone, providing alias phone numbers at the push of a button. If you love anonymity, then this is just for you!

Kevin introduced the new Bacon wrapped eggs from Birds Nest. A muffin tin full of pancake batter stuffed with bacon, egg and cheese baked to perfection. Delicious!

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin is back with the latest celebrity nudity! His Skin Scouts have provided us with perfect photos. Stay tuned for next Thursday’s sneak peek.


Have you ever experienced an unintentional orgasm? Today we found out a list of possible things that can trigger an orgasm.  KimberlyVeronica and Lauren demonstrated different yoga positions, sit ups, and usage of the thigh master machine!

Wednesday 8/15/12


Good Morning to everyone! Have you heard game show, The Price is Right is searching for its first male model? The Morning Crew suggested we submit Jaron! Even though he forgot his T-shirt at home today, he does have a nice smile. If you have any suggestions email us

Jill Dahne, a love psychic predicts a new tattoo trend. Recently the seventeenth annual South Florida Tattoo Expo was held where the new trend of tattooing your asshole was discovered. Jill claims through her sooth saying powers that tatting the asshole will become the next big thing! OUCH. Off the record, Jill also shared some future insight for Kevin and Andrea!

Our Playboy Advisor has returned! Chip Rowe joined us to give his advice and knowledge to our listeners. Don’t forget, we are still taking submissions for HOT CHICK / UGLY SNORE contest! Send video of your babe snoring to  Have a chance to win cool stuff!

The Power Hour:

Dominic Monaghan dropped by the studio today to share with us his latest film “The Day.” The intense and scary movie comes out Wednesday August 29 and it is a must see! Dominic is also launching a new show called “Wild Things” on BBC America next spring. He will help people overcome their fears with animals and insects by respecting them and getting to know how they feel. Dom says the spider Kevin killed for his future-ex wife looks like a Funnel Web spider. He’s an expert!

Know it Or Show it – Shark Week edition was a major success! CaitlinHeather, Alyssa and Britney joined us for shark week trivia. The girls lost their tops to a SHARK VAC by answering their questions incorrectly!

Tuesday 8/14/12


Kevin described his first Spin class experience and it doesn’t sound like he is going back for seconds. Instead he has come up with the idea of women dancing in sports bra’s with loud music and no spin bicycles! Could this work?

Calling from across the pond, we spoke with Fabian Rigall, founder of Secret Swimming. Secret Swimming is a worldwide community of underwater people who are passionate about swimming and discovering secret places. People meet every few months to swim in the wildest places, rivers, streams, ponds, iced lakes, wild seas, reservoirs. Swimmers will record their swims, describing a secret thought and feeling so others may also uncover these feelings. Check out this video here.

We played a round of What Would Hef Do, and the question to Hef was, “What are your thoughts on international relations?” After WWHD,Andrea scored her points with CRAIGSLUST by winning a potential date on a tandem bike ride!

The Power Hour:

New to The Playboy Morning Show, Jackie Dawn and Sasha joined the Mini Mansion for “No Strings Attached!” As we watched their tied bikini’s slowly unravel, we got a glimpse of the two girls rocking’ bodies! Check them out!

Monday 8/13/1

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This morning we kicked off the show with an underwear update, which lead to a panty safari!!! Andrea, Elise and Gina were all wearing animal print thongs today. Sexy!

We nominated Friday Awards (yes, on Monday) from last week. Congratulations to 50 Cent for having the worst cellphone reception of the week! Hopefully you will add that to your mantle, Curtis.


We’ll announce the prize for the HOT CHICK/UGLY SNORE contest towards the end of the week so get your video submissions in immediately!

Before getting into some Good Naked/Bad Naked we talked to Enrique Ramirez founder of “Face To Face NYC” Day Spa, about the Festive Dong. A lot of men and women are having their genitals waxed completely and getting vajazzled or PEJAZZELED! Costing only $20.00 they apply the design of your choice (i.e. lips, stars, crosses, dolphins) to the pubic area. Visit ‪  and get Swarovski Crystals “down there”!

The Power Hour:

It’s was time for the Weekly Chronicle! Giving the Olympics a proper send-off by chatting with Josh from @420Specialists about the newest weed, @UsainBolt OG! This newly introduced weed is the top seller creating an instant high!

A serial hugger is on the loose in Kevin’s hometown! He thought he would alert his mom this morning by giving her a quick phone call to offer her safety tips. Ending the power hour with a Dry T-shirt ContestEvaNicole and Allison had to cut their individual XL White T’s into the sexiest T-Shirt possible! Check out the different sexy styles they created!


This morning we spoke with Dr. Ian Kernera sexuality counselor and founder of GoodInBedWhen people are “too tired for sex” is that really the problem? According to Dr. Kerner and a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, about one in every four married or cohabitating Americans claim they’re so sleep-deprived that they’re often too tired to have sex. Sex can give you an energetic buzz, “you just have to be willing to push past the feeling of tiredness to experience the pleasure that will ultimately recharge you.”

Robin Leach gave us his weekly Las Vegas update and surprised us with his Julia Child impersonations. Starting today the restaurants of Vegas honor Julia Child on what would have been her one-hundredth birthday weekend. Who knew Robin was so witty in the kitchen. HA!

We had a chance to find out who was the most sexually adventurous between Andrea, Gina or Elise. Taking a Sexual Aptitude Test Andrea scored the highest!

The Power Hour:

Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White stopped by to talk about his new animated series on Adult Swim. Be sure to check him out on Sundays at 11:30PM!

It was time to TRUCK OUR FACES with Sugar Babies Cupcakes! Kevin was excited when he saw a special bite size maple syrup pancake cupcake topped with BACON! It was delicious!

NAKED OLYMPICS CLOSING CEREMONIES were a complete success! Synchronized Tribbing, Bi-Curious-athalon, and Wet Dream Team. USA, Canada, Brazil and South Korea gave one last HOORAH for their countries!

Thursday 8/9/12

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The Playboy Party Joke REMIX gave us 4 jokes with endless punch lines… The Jokes Were…

- What should you do when your girlfriend tells you she fakes orgasms?

-What did the urologist say to the gynecologist?

- What is every Amish woman’s fantasy?

- How is a woman’s virginity like a balloon?

The Power Hour:

This week Mr. Skin is back with sexy celebrity nudity! Rachel Weisz, Christina Ricci and many more celebs with hot photos! Pun on Pun got heated up between Mr. Skin and Kevin!

Brooks Wheelan stopped by the mini mansion to talk about Olympic wrestling, girls, and his hometown in Iowa! Brooks will be performing Laughs Camera Action tonight at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood at 10PM!

D.L. Hughley joined us on the phone to discuss his latest work, a new book “I Want You to Shut The F#ck Up!” He will be at The Grove tonight in Hollywood at 7PM!

Ending the power hour we showed some SKIN… TO WIN!!!

Wednesday 8/8/12

We’ll announce the prize for the HOT CHICK / UGLY SNORE contest tomorrow. Get your video submissions in immediately! Email us at

This morning we tested Andrea vs. Gina’s musical IQ’s. Does Andrea know less about GenX music than Gina knows about rap? It was a close call but Andrea took the lead!

Checking in with us about her latest Reality Show The Glass HousePlayboy Model Joy Glass gave us some inside news. Last time we spoke with Joy was through her computer for a very sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt!

Today we gave our Heffy nominees, honoring people in their golden years for doing something amazing! The award went to Lucille Hammer, 90, of Kalispell, who received a first-place medal from the annual Lilac Bloomsday Run, held May 6 in Spokane. Congratulations on your Heffy, Andrea!

Going across the “blonde” with a sexy Brunette British model, we chatted with Kelly Hall! She recently shot for Hot Shots Calendar, which was for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Check her out here.

The Power Hour:

Starting off the power hour we phoned in with our beautiful Playmate of the Year from 2006 Kara Monaco. Kara told us all about her experience on CBS’s reality show Big Brother! We also had our Spring Radio Mate Tawny Young in studio to pass along the award to our newest Summer Radio Mate, Jillisa Lynn! Newly Blonde Krystle Linahad her camera ready to go as she shot the girls in a Beach setting for our new Summer Radio Mate. Congrats Jillisa!

Tuesday 8/7/12

Today we got all the latest technology updates with Scott Alexander. Congrats to the newly ordained minister, Scott can officially join Siri and the Playboy Robot in holy matrimony.  If you live in the UK, soon you will be able to gamble on Facebook using real money! Social gaming is a bright spot in Facebook’s revenue stream, and now with the option of real money gambling, it will offer a whole lot more!

Kevin Blatt checked in with us and all the latest news on celeb sex tapes! We played a round of What Would Hef Do before activating the HOT CHICK HOTLINE with Kitty Lee! Kitty joined us to talk about being a featured Amateur on PlayboyPlus! Check her out!

The Power Hour:

Kicking off the power hour we spoke with Cutis Jackson aka 50 Cent about his upcoming film “FREELANCERS.” He stars in the new cop drama co-starring Robert De Niro & Forest Whitaker. FREELANCERS hits theaters in limited release On August 10 !

 Naj’a Irie tuned in for a Sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt! Her invisible bra, titting bouncing, and sexy lingerie had viewers going crazy!

Playboy’s Miss Social Winners Ashley Salazar- June 2012 and Melissa Anne Teixeira-July 2012 stopped by the mini mansion for a game of Truth or Bare. While the girls fooled Kevin and Andrea with their sexy stories, we also got a sneak peek of Ashley’s Clit ring! According to Kevin, “It’s Winkin’ at me”…she recommends it to all the ladies.

Monday 8/6/12

If you know a HOT CHICK with an UGLY SNORE, record her and email us your audio to! We will be the judge!

We talked to Playboy contributor David Kushner about his new article called, “Sex, Drugs & Video Games” in the current issue on page 140. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is full of geeks, freaks and gazillionaires checking out the hottest games!

Last night NASA’s new rover Curiosity landed perfectly on Mars! Its mission is to find all signs of life. Breaking through the phone lines, we spoke with Dr. Luther Beegle from NASAJPL about the landing of Mars Curiosity and everyone’s reaction. YESSS!

The Power Hour:

In the Mini Mansion, four guys and one small couch held Steve Bryne,Owen BenjaminRoy Wood Jr., and Ahmed from Sullivan & Son.Sullivan & Son is an American comedy television series and is executive-produced by Vince Vaughn. Be sure to watch on Thursdays at 10/9C on TBS!

Joining the men in studio Summer, Jamie and no stranger to The Morning Show Desiree Claire put together a skimpy and sexy costume using a First Aid Kit! The girls used what they could to create an outfit in case of an emergency! SOMEBODY CALL 911!