The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell!

Playboy Radio

Friday 10/11/13

It’s finally Friday! Woo! The weekend is right around the corner, but our show… is right here:

We began things this fine morning by getting a quick word in with our buddy Robin Leach. Andrea is heading to Vegas, and if you are planning on doing the same thing, just remember that summer is officially over (even if it is the desert).

After that, we got another awesome tip for our new hashtag #tittybombing from Sasha, who showed us that any artsy fartsy pic can be made much better with the addition of some background boobage.

It’s Friday, so we ran through the wacky Week in Sex. It sure is a crazy, sexy world we live in… if only as many people embraced it like we do, right?

After a short break, we welcomed in our guest today, Art Alexakis, who is the lead singer from the band Everclear. They’ve been together going on three decades now, and have been making awesome music all the while, so it was a cool treat to have him come in. He was even nice enough to help us guess what our next Halloween costume would be… it turned out to be the ever-popular cheerleader! Just because it’s not especially original doesn’t mean that it’s not sexy.

Finally, we had Sasha, Leia, and Lauren come in to do some Sex-plorations in honor of Columbus Day on Monday. We had our girls admit what they’d like to do sexually that they haven’t yet explored yet, and then did our best to make them happen.

We ran out of time, but Andrea and Kevin went tit-for-tat after the show for the football games this weekend. They both went with the Saints, Packers, Texans, Vikings, and Broncos, so place yer’ bets now!



Thursday 10/10/13

Happy Thursday, ya’ll. We had an awesome October show lined up for you, so let’s get ‘r dun.

We started things today by running through a nice tip if you plan on trying out our new hashtag #tittybombing. Don’t forget to send in your pics, like Jeremy did, and we’ll feature them on our show!

Next up, we had Mr. Skin on the line to talk about all things celeb booties and boobies. January Jones came up again, as her movie is coming out in limited release this weekend, and if you want to learn EVEN more, check out Skin’s website, and be sure to hit up his store while you’re there. You never knew you needed a Mr. Skin beach towel until just this moment.

After that it was time to run through our first ever Playboy Morning Show Topless Ten List! This idea, which is legally distinct and separate from any other unnamed lists out there, had to do with the ongoing government shutdown that’s sweeping the nation. Man, if we can get our shit sort of together every morning, but our government can’t… something is seriously wrong.

We took a quick break, and then it was time to bring in Miss October 2013, Carly Lauren! Kevin’s idea that if a girl has two first names, she’s extra hot was once again proven correct, as Carly’s 5’9” frame is everything a perfect playmate can be. We ran through her Playmate Pick Six, with our sexy model Paris handing out balls out of her ringleader hat (if you haven’t seen Miss October’s spread, a: check it out NOW, and b: it’s circus themed), and Carly gave us her best answers. She passed with flying colors, of course.

Finally, we brought in the rest of our models: Adria, Casey, and Kali to go through three rings of our big top in-studio circus, in celebration of Miss October’s spread. The similarities between a circus and this show are staggering…



Wednesday 10/9/13

It’s Wednesday. The day of the week that’s hardest to spell. Right?

Anyway! We had a great show today, and it all started by us dropping a bomb: a Tittybomb to be precise. We’re introducing a new hashtag to the Twitter-verse: #tittybombing. What’s a tittybomb, you ask? Why, we had the super sexy Jade come in and explain to us that it means when you spice up the background of someone’s boring pictures by flashing your boobs in the background. Happy bombing, and remember to share your exploits with us @PBMorningShow.

Next up, as everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We love boobies probably more than any other show on TV, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t spread the word on how to give your hot friend a little breast check-up. We brought in Rachel and Kate, two of our very fine models, to give us a little demonstration on the rug in the middle of the room. Remember, you should do these at least once a month, but we recommend way more than that…

After that, it was time to get to another naughty Halloween costume. We’re not even close to running out of ideas for this year, so you have no excuse! Today, we featured a sexy Chef’s outfit, which leaves the back almost completely open. As per usual, the less fabric, the better.

We took a quick break, and then it was time to welcome in our guests, The FarEast Movement! They came in to promote their new single and video, featuring Riff Raff entitled “The Illest.” Check that ish out on Youtube, son! Ahem…. sorry about that.

To round out the show, we brought all of our sexy models back into the studio to play a round of “Nip Hop.” With a little coaching from the guys, each lady got up and spun her best lyric, to find out if any of these dimes could actually rhyme.\



Tuesday 10/8/13

Hello, everyone! It’s Topless Tuesday, and that means we’ve got more nudity than usual on the docket for you today.

We started things by running through Topless (face-less) Tuesday, where the girls introduced their girls without giving away what they looked like, so that they could compete in the continuation of the Fuck-Me Voice later in the show.

That later in the show… just happened to be next! The Fuck-Me Voice continued for its third straight Tuesday, and both Kevin and Andrea’s teams are really starting to take shape. We had our super sexy models Mel, Peru, and Adrienne come in and try to coerce our hosts into turning in their seats. At the end of the segment, Andrea added Adrienne, and Kevin took Peru to flesh out their squads.

After a short break, we came back to welcome in our three special guests: “Trevor,” “Michael,” and “Franklin” from the newest installment in the Grand Theft Auto video game series. The guys behind the characters’ voices and faces came in to chat with us about the wild success of the game, and what having new-found fame is really like. The controversial “hot coffee” part of the last game (where you could have sex, on-screen) was recreated by us here in the studio with… actual hot coffee. But it was brought out by a naked girl, so it’s pretty much the same thing.

Lastly, we ran through another sexy Halloween costume: the scandalous Flapper girl. Don’t think that just because it’s old-timey, doesn’t mean it has to be modest…


Monday 10/7/13

Ahh, Monday. The world still has that new week smell. Let’s get to the show.

We began the festivities today by reviewing Kevin’s pictures that he took while away this weekend in Cabo. Apparently they have the coolest mascot their side of the border in a muy guapo blue penis pill.

After that, we quickly ran through Andrea’s Titty Picks from last week, and she did pretty well, sitting at 80%. So far, her girls are doing alright.

Next, we chatted on the phone with Karen Marley, who is a self-proclaimed “serial mistress” who has dated over 100 married men in the UK. She talked about what it’s like to date (and not necessarily even sleep with) men who are “just looking for some companionship.” Watch your back, ladies. Or your man’s back… Either way.

We took a short break and then came back into some Good Naked, Bad Naked stories with the help of our four brand new models, Gabrielle, Barbie, Heather, and Kristen, we ran through the nude news. The animal penis-eating story out of Asia was particularly memorable. Obviously.

Right at the end, Hal Sparks dropped by to hang out and also talk about his band Zero 1, who are playing at the House of Blues tonight.

To round out the show, Andrea broke out her titties to pick one final game for the week, and went with Atlanta over New York tonight, so place your bets accordingly.