The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell!

Playboy Radio

Friday 7/12/13

Happy Friday, everybody! We had a packed show, so let’s take you into the weekend.

We started with looking at our final Masturbation PSA… or so we thought. It turned out we had one more featuring Kevin (and a cameo at the end by Andrea). TMI, guys… TMI.

In another final showdown today, we wrapped up Nude Recreation Week with the best possible nude activity… Skinny Dipping. We welcomed in Daniela and Krysten to get in our fake balloon water and splash around.

We then ran through the Week In Sex, and broke down what went on this week in our crazy sexy world. But right after that! We had a whole slew of guests to bring in…

Entering the Mini Mansion were Big Percy, Daylyric, and Mac Lucci of RMM, who were promoting Big Percy’s Birthday Party in Hollywood this weekend. Since the rappers were in our midst, we thought it’d be best to have another Hip-Hop Hottie contest. We welcomed back in Daniela and Krysten, and introduced Destiny and Dacey to compete in Nip-Hop-related activities, like car washing, rapping, and twerking for the weekend.


In the end, reigning champ Destiny and newcomer Daniela were tied for the new crown.

Thursday 7/11/13

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Heed the call, have a ball.

We started the show today by teasing our limbo contest that will be coming up later in the show, so stay tuned.

Next, we talked with Mr. Skin, who brought to our attention the fact that ”Kentucky Fried Movie” is out on Blu-Ray and has some real good knockers in it. Also out now is the film “Spring Breakers,” which features four beautiful teenies and one not-so-beautiful James Franco. But you take what you get.

Next, we welcomed in four lovely school-girls (ADULTS, MIND YOU) who would be participating in our Ca-Rear Day today. We met Woo, Mary Jane, Lindsey, and Leia, who were decked out in skirts and glasses, and were more than eager to get to asking questions of our guests…


Our first guest was Germany Playboy Model (Miss February) Helen de Muro. Her English may not be perfect, but we don’t care. Even a little bit.

Next up, we had KaptN, who’s about to explode onto the dance floor scene with his two singles, “Juice” and “Ricky Ricardo.” Check out his videos online, you’ll thank us later.


Finally, we had fellow German model Jordan Carver round out the panel (and we do intend the pun there). Jordan is a Yoga expert and business woman, but you don’t need to take our word for it, check out this headstand:


Once all the pertinent questions were asked, we got to our Nude Recreation… LIMBO! The Germans played Limbo masters while KaptN took the best seat in the house and we limbo-ed out the hour.




Wednesday 7/10/13


Happy Hump Day, ya’ll. We had a jam-packed show today, so let’s get ‘r dun…

We started the show off today by continuing our week-long Nude Recreation Celebration by having our sexy ladies make some pucker-inducing lemonade. We brought in Emily Rose, Katie, Chelsea, and Krissy to mix together their ingredients and see who came up with the most refreshing glass of summer-time lemonade.

After that, we premiered our own Masturbation PSA video, with footage from a PSA that was released in the ’70s. We used half the dialogue and then added our own in order to sexify it up. Look out for more of those coming up very soon.

From there, we welcomed in our very special guest Chicken Charlie, who hosts a slew of restaurants at fairs all around Southern California. He’s famous for his original deep-fried fare and he brought a plethora of plates in for us to try.


We were sucking down this food so fast that we thought we might choke! Which is why we decided to sexify your CPR! We had our lovely ladies come back in, and demonstrate the best way to get their airways open.


Almost all done with this week, keep holding on and deep-frying your problems away.


Tuesday 7/9/13

Happy Topless Tuesday! Let’s get to it.

We kicked things off today by continuing Nude Recreation week with actual, real-live Nudists! And they were naked! Who would have thought?? They are Bobby and Becki Kilborn, from the Olive Dell Nudist Ranch here in California. They gave us an interesting look (quite interesting) on nudist life and etiquette.

In order to make them feel more at home, we welcomed in three beautiful topless beauties to participate in our “Wisconsin Balloon Stomp.” Gigi, Ali Rose, and Valerie all duked it out and tried to pop the others balloons as they were tied around the others’ ankles. In the end, Ali Rose came out with both balloons still intact.

From there, we welcomed in Valerie Azlynn, from the hit TBS show “Sullivan and Son.” Valerie is a “Becoming Attraction” in the new double issue of Playboy, which you can check out as it comes out a little later this month.


Since Valerie is a big TV star, we figured she would know better than anyone the difference between porno movie names and weird infomercial products… as most big TV stars do, right? Anyway, it’s a game we like to call “As Seen on TV vs. Ass Seen on TV,” and Valerie, Kevin, and Andrea threw down in a guessing challenge while our lovely ladies kept score.


Monday 7/8/13

Happy Monday, folks! We’re back and it feels so good. Let’s check on what we did on the show today, shallll we?

We started off the hour by kicking off Nude Recreation Week! All week we’ll be celebrating activities inspired by Nudist Colonies and things you can do in the nude and possibly outside (depending on who’s watching). To start things off, we invited in Mariela, Lauren, and Ruby to participate in our Naked Hopscotch. Bouncy activities are the best activities.

After that, we did our Filthy Forecast, with three different cities represented, and all of them were hot hot hot (in more ways than one).

From there, we moved on to our old stand-by Good Naked/Bad Naked, and started what could become a new tradition here in the Mini Mansion: recreations! We tried to sexy-up some of the more unsavory stories ourselves, like a naked bike ride, and a roadside boobie shake-down.

To finish everything off, we had the ladies come back into the studio and receive some Andrea-style spankings for the naughty things they did over the long weekend.