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Thursday 6/20/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks. Don’t drink and drive, and also don’t drink and dive…

We kicked off the show today by talking to Mr. Skin. Skin had some doozies for us this week over on premium cable, with shows like Dexter and True Blood, and also some topless Cancun paparazzi shots. All from the comfort of your home!

From there, we checked our lovely Fe-mail and had a special early visit from our Summer Goddess! Don’t forget, the first day of summer starts tomorrow! Yay!

After that, we talked on the phone with the beautiful Vanessa Ferlito, who talked to us all things Graceland, and about her supermodel past.

We also checked in with a segment we’re lovingly calling “Tasty Tweets,” where hot chicks read tweets from not-so-hot people.

Finally! We welcomed into the Mini Mansion today Chuy Bravo and Erik Rivera, who are promoting their comedy tour that starts in July. Chuy also dished on Chelsea Lately and how he got his start as the world’s first Latino talk show sidekick.



We decided, since Chuy was on the TV show, “Splash” (where celebrities dove off of a high dive), that we would have our own version where the smokin’ Gigi, Erika, and Chloe came in and dove off our trampoline diving board and into our pool of balloons!


That’s close enough, right? Also stay tuned for the results of our “Chuy 100″ race…


Wednesday 6/19/13

It’s hump day! You know what that means… wait, what does it mean again? OH, YEAH!

Today we kicked off the show by giving you another “Playboy Morning Show: Thing You Should Know.” We put the T’n’A into PSAs. Which…doesn’t make that much sense BUT we did it anyway. At least it all rhymes.

We then celebrated a few new “Skin-ventions,” like the anti-getting-hit-on stockings that look like leg hair. We can imagine that would work well most places and have the opposite effect in a few others.

Next, we welcomed in Adrian Grenier, of “Entourage” fame, to talk about the new documentary he produced entitled “How to Make Money Selling Drugs.” It’s got everything about the drug game and it’s all straight-shooting. We also got his opinion on the new “Entourage” movie that is rumored to be in the works.


After that, we welcomed in Samantha, Destiny, Tania, and Lisa to play the longest-running naked game show in the universe: Know it or Show it. The girls had to pick from the categories of drugs, safe sex, and HBO, and ended up losing their clothes in the process. Who needs HBO?




Tuesday 6/18/13

Hello folks! Happy Topless Tuesday. Let’s get right down to the recap, shalllll we?

We kicked off the show by checking in with Playboy Robot about our ongoing contest, which you should totally enter! Upload an intro to dailymotion or tumblr and then tweet it to us at Playboy Morning Show! Go nuts (literally)!

We then began talking about the recent Miss Utah question gaffe during the Miss USA pageant over the weekend. We wanted to prove that women can be both pretty and smart, so we gave our lovely ladies a chance to answer the question that she bumbled over. We welcomed in Taylor, Hanna, Jenni, and Nicole to see what it meant to our society that women are breadwinners in 40 percent of households yet many still make less than men in the same fields. Their answers were LEAGUES better than what we saw at the pageant, to say the least.

From there, we let each girl pick a piece of un-assembled furniture (based on their answers) and then they had the rest of the show to “Build Your Own Photoshoot,” where they’d be posing with their completed products.

We then checked out our new segment we’re calling “Tasty Tweets,” where hot girls read tweets from not-so-hot people. We’re just doing our part.

The girls finished their wonderful Swedish furniture so quickly that we leaped right into the photoshoot with Andrea taking pictures of the girls with their furniture. How do you think they turned out?

We decided that Jenni was the winner, and she received the orange vest of a true construction champion.



Monday 6/17/13


Good Morning, everyone!

Today we discussed a variety of Good Naked and Bad Naked stories. Then we heard another long and rather creepy voicemail from the one and only Cookie Monster. According to Cookie Monster, Andrea is STILL  his wife. We wrapped up the show with Weekend Confession from our three lovely Playboy Models, Woo, Chrystal and Kim!


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