The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell!

Thursday 4/11/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday, ya’ll! We had a sizzling one for you today, so let’s not dilly-dally…

We kicked things off this morning with a visit from our old Thursday go-to main man, Mr. Skin. Skin has some good ones for all of us this week, including actresses from The Big C, Boss, and others on TV and Blu-Ray. Skin also gave us some food for thought: it’s been a while since a big blockbuster film has featured a good nude scene. He’s right! Your move, Hollywood.

Following that, we brought in Amber, a super sexy model, to give you a helpful hint for when the heat gets turned up this weekend: double fist some popsicles and put them wherever you need a little relief from the heat. Solid stuff.

Next, we talked on the phone with the legendary Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC fame about his part in a new Nat Geo show about the 80′s.  Darryl also made us a promise to come on to the show when he’s out here in the near future, so we hope to see him in the flesh soon.

In the studio today, we had Simon Rex, star of the new film “Scary Movie 5.” He talked about his past in the adult film business, what dating Jamie Pressley was like, and about his illustrious rap career under the name Dirt Nasty. He also served as our special guest judge for a round of Skin-It To Win-It, where our girls Amber, Sarah, andDiana will answer questions by flashing the body part they believe best coincides with the answer. We were all in it to win it, to say the least.

Wednesday 4/10/13

Happy Hump Day! We had a good day AT WORK today (to get why that joke is funny read on…)!

We opened the show today by talking about “Extreme Kidnapping” with Owner and Media Consultant Adam Thick. Get this: you can pay people to kidnap you for up to 36 hours! If that’s what gets your rocks off, for a starting price of $500 and up, you too can get kidnapped by either men or women of your choosing. Sounds exciting, in a pseudo-life-threatening kind of way…

From there we brought in Danny Masterson and Adam Busch from the TBS show “Men At Work” (now you get why that joke was funny, in theory). The two guys came in to talk about the new season of the show and what we can expect from Milo and the gang in the coming episodes.

If you’re not familiar with “Men at Work,” the four main guys all work at a magazine. This got us to thinking: we’re a magazine! Duh. So we had the guys test their mettle with a gauntlet of Playboy mag-features. Firstly, we brought in our lovely models Emily and Lindsay to be our mannequins as the guys picked clothes off of our rack in the wardrobe round. After that, we brought in Samantha to serve as our questioner while the guys tried to be the best Playboy Advisors. Finally, we brought in all the previous models plus Eva to be part of our one on one photoshoot. Who’s the better photographer? Well, that’s up to you!

Tuesday 4/9/13

Hola amigos! Bienvenidos a un otro Playboy Morning Show muy bien. Why is this in (broken) Spanish? Because it’s a Lucha-tastic Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, that’s why!

We kicked things off by going through the Lowell Down. We broke the news of everything from a landromat panty thief to Jesse Pinkman’s jalopy being for sale. Also, if you’re going to go to jail, make sure it’s in Russia… the bars on the cells are wide enough for a truck to slip through unnoticed.

But the special guests today are what made the show what it was: Lucha-riffic! We brought in wrestlers (and bitter rivals) RJ Brewer and Solar along with Alex Abrahantes to translate and provide some commentary and back-story on the storied franchise of Lucha Libre USA. Apart from having shows in Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona, and Chicago on their next tour, they talked a little bit about their reasons for fighting: it all comes down to immigration! Wow, an education and a smackdown? Now that’s entertainment.

We brought in our super hot models Krissy, Mary Jane, and Ericka to demonstrate their new lucha-personas: The Panty Puncher, Lights-out Lola, and Lingerie Lucha to battle in a feat of leg-wrestling. The winner, by a leg, was the much smaller Lights-out Lola! Just goes to show you when it comes to Lucha wrestling, sometimes big things come in small packages.


Monday 4/8/13

Happy Monday, everyone. We know that sounds suspiciously like an oxymoron, but we’re here to make it so!

We started off the show today by hearing how Andrea finally ended her dry spell, and then went straight to the phones to talk to Jorg Sprave from Who’s Jorg, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Jorg is our new friend from Germany who has invented a new device that allows men (or women, if they felt like it) to shoot condoms onto their penises. Yes, it’s a condom gun, and we here think that with some of Bill Gates’ money backing this thing, it could really take off.

We moved from there to our March Badness finale show! We had two match-ups today to finally figure out who is the baddest girl on the block this year. But before we began, we wanted to pay tribute to those whose brackets had been busted this year, by doing our version, the “Bra-cket Buster.” Our lovely model Kim tried doing jumping jacks to see if her bra would bust out. Unfortunately it did not, but there were more trials to come…

Our first March Badness round of the day was the last two of the Final Four-play: Ali Rose vs. Sedona. It was a hard-fought battle between mutual bathtub handies and back-door KISS escapades, but after much deliberation, Ali Rose came out on top. That left us with only one match to go, but we had to try at least one more Bra-cket Bust round with Kim, who chose the exercise ball this time and had success! Just goes to show you, exercise is good for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it: the Finals of March Badness betweenMolly and Ali Rose. After the stories were told and the votes cast, it was decided that… ALI ROSE was the winner of the 2013 tournament of naughtiness! She got to cut down the fishnets and for a full year reigns supreme.