The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell!

Tuesday 3/26/13

Hello and welcome back! It’s Tuesday, which means… well, it doesn’t really mean anything, BUT we still had an awesome show today! So let’s get to recappin’.

We started the show off this morning by discussing a study that was testing whether men and women found their friends’ partners more or less attractive, at a cerebral level.  We also talked about what Andrea would look like if she had jet black hair, and how different people incorporate wigs into the bedroom.

After that, it was time to continue on in our March Badness tournament. As we are coming close to the end of our first round, today we had two new lovely ladies step into the Mini Mansion to square off. Today’s models were Moe and Molly, who both fought back and forth valiantly, but to find out which one gets the buzzer-beater, we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. The tension is killing us.

From there we jumped into the Lowell Down, where we learned (yes, we learn things here too) that someone has invented an alarm clock that can shock you awake and that if you want to drink and drive legally, a small town in Ireland is the place for you (good luck).

As you may or may not have heard, Bill Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) is offering whoever can revolutionize the condom a 100,000 dollar start-up grant and a MILLION dollars after that to invent their product. We brought back our March Badness ladies, along with new girl Jamie, to see if they could get Mr. Microsoft’s attention by building a better condom. After everything from paint to cotton balls, we had some pretty bomb-ass condoms if we do say so ourselves. Your move, Bill… Your move.


Monday 3/25/13

Happy Monday, everybody! We hope your weekend was filled with as many naughty stories and nice endings as ours. Our show today was a real doozy, so let’s get down to brass tacks.

We kicked the show off today by checking out Andrea’s trip to the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night to attend their masquerade ball. Let’s just say the masks were the least revealing article of clothing in attendance…

Following that trip down weekend memories lane, we dove into Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we covered the coverage on news stories and decided that man waving nakedly at school from a field= good and getting a massage from a guy with a super creepy mugshot= bad.

It continues! That’s right, it’s time for “March Badness,” and we had two new contestants in this round 1 showdown: Niko Bella andSamantha. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the results, because this one is definitely the closest so far.

After that, we brought in Andrea’s escort from the Playboy Masquerade Ball, Danielle, to help us do some Sex-Myth Busting. We brought out the lab coats, glasses, clipboards, and a pepper shaker to deduce whether or not sneezing seven times in a row is equal to the feeling of an orgasm. We didn’t reach a conclusion, but watching a girl sniff pepper off of another girl proved oddly satisfying… More tests will need to be conducted.