The Playboy Radio Show… and Tell


This morning we kicked off the show allowing our listeners to ask Stephen Hawking Anything! We had Playboy model Joy Glass ask how Stephen merges God and science together, and we even heard Elise ask if her boobs would continue to grow throughout her adulthood. The answer was yes!

We had a Fantasy Girls Team update today for Andrea’s Minnesota Dykings and Elise’s Pittsburg Feelers. Scoring another set of Fantasy Points was Miley Cyrus spotted doing a strip tease for her onset co-workers. More points went to the Pittsburg Feelers for reported photos revealing  Kate Moss and her full size breast and also for Snookie losing ten pounds.

Our Sexual Explorations are coming to an end who will win first, Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Jaron or Elise?

We played a round of “What’s In Their Pant’s?” where we had many callers guess what was stuffed down the pants of various adventures in the news! A few items found hidden in people’s pants were a chainsaw, orange flavored vodka, steaks and three bottles of cough syrup!

A beautiful Playboy model, Mandy Marie, joined us on the phone for “I’ve Got a Secret.”  The 5’5″ blonde and natural beauty is currently studying to become an occupational therapist. All the way in Detroit, Michigan, Mandy tells us her secret when she had sex in a public restroom on a yacht at night.

The Power Hour:

This morning Kevin started off the Power Hour by telling everyone that he will not spend more than three seconds focusing on Andrea during the show so he is not distracted. Then Mr. Skin, aka Senõr Epidermis, shared his celebrity nudity news of the week! He pointed out former WWE Diva Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell in a scene from Treme, and predicts that it may be one of the top ten nude scenes of the year! We also talked to comedian Dave Attell, who will be performing at theBrea Improv this Friday 10/12 and Saturday 10/13. Lastly, we had our two beautiful models Destiny and Lisa join us to talk about their vices. Destiny discussed her go-to vice of smoking weed to help with her insomnia issues, while Lisa described her massive daily junk food intake! After that, we got into our “Vice Debates” which was our creative way in honoring tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. The categories of our three rounds consisted of, Sex SlaveryMedicinal Marijuana and Pre-Marital Sex. Destiny – with her marijuana vice – won our Vice Debate!

Wednesday 10/10/12


We started off this morning by examining Andrea’s sexy tight mini skirt covered in sex ads. Yes, she had sex ads with real phone numbers listed on her skirt!

We came across another beautiful contestant from the Miss BumBum pageant who was not exactly a girl, but a tranny with a perfect ass. The 29-year-old Amanda Sampaio is built like a woman but talks like a man.  The contestant’s favorite meal is beef stroganoff, which lead Kevin to believe it was for sure a dude.

Catarina Migliorini became a viral sensation last week, when news broke that the beautiful 20-year-old Brazilian student was auctioning off her virginity to raise money for impoverished families in her country. This morning we had a chance to ask her a few questions through a translator, which we did find out  that Catarina has had an orgasm!

Our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe, joined in to talk about foot fetishes, inflatable dildos, and much more. Hopefully the questions were answered to everyone’s concerns. Remember if you have a question for Chip email us!

The Power Hour:

We welcomed comedian Dan Cummins to the mini mansion today – his first visit! Dan discussed his new stand-up CD “Hear This” which comes out October 23 and is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon. Dan also hosts a show on Blue Collar Radio called Naked & Fearless, Mondays at 6 pm ET. Dan was joined by three smoking hot models CaitlinNicole and Romi who were trying out for our All Sorority Team in the Rho Beta Chapter (Rho Beta stands for PB)! The three girls started off by circling their erogenous zones with lipstick (hot!) before they headed to The Wheel of Playzing, full of special tasks to complete. The girls went skinny dipping, bobbed for bananas and gave each other tittoos, which officially put them in our Theta Iota Theta (TIT) Sorority!

Tuesday 10/9/12


Like every Tuesday, we checked in with Scott Alexander, the Games & Gadgets guru! We were introduced the new Boxee Box, a device that finds all your favorite shows and movies, and puts them directly on your TV. Get rid of your old cable boxes and replace them with Boxee at no monthly fee!

Scott also informed us on the 43-year-old former military parachutist from Austria, Felix Baumgartner plans to take off in a 55-story, ultra-thin and easy-to-tear helium balloon. The balloon will take him into the stratosphere for a jump that he hopes will make him the first skydiver to break the sound barrier and shatter three other world records.

After the events that took place in Paris in Taken, the new 2012 action thriller Fakin 2’ is back for more! The new sequel Fakin’ 2 staring Andrea Lowell and Liam Neeson has just hit theaters! Just Kidding!

We talked to Shovel Head while we played a round of What’s In Their Pants?  Shovel Head guessed what was in our pants based on the detailed description (print, color and style)!

We welcomed Natalia Reagan, a sexy anthropologist, comedienne, and cartoonist to the studio to talk about boobs. Natalia discussed “The Story of Boobs:  The Breast Tale Ever Told,” which is a video that presents the various theories explaining why women have breasts and what their functions are. She reminded us that the tatas do not define a woman; they are simply part of woman. Natalia’s goal is to meld her two passions and educate people about science using humor.

The Power Hour:

Today we welcomed former Playboy cover model (February 2003) Alison Eastwood and South African native Donald Schultz to the mini mansion to discuss their new show Animal Intervention airing tonight at 9 pm on Nat Geo WILD!  Alison and animal expert Donald talked about how they confront overwhelmed and out-of-touch wildlife owners who house exotic animals in confined and potentially hazardous environments. In other words, they relocate animals from unsafe homes to protected and clean sanctuaries. Alison also gave us some inside information on her famous dad, Clint! Who knew that Dirty Harry is allergic to horses? Also, she didn’t tell daddy about her Playboy photo shoot until after her issue hit newsstands. As we said our goodbyes to Alison, we had Donald stay to help us find good homes for our animal print panties. Cheetahs, tigers, snakes, giraffes and leopards were all represented! Our “Exotic Panty Adoptions” included three of our Playboy models, LoreleiDanielle andKrystin. As Donald chose a pair of “wild” panties for each girl, it was their choice to adopt the animal-print, or turn it down. Ending with great results, all the panties were adopted and re-homed to our models’ beautiful booties!

Monday 10/8/12


This morning we spoke with Cacau Oliver and his sexy interpreter Adriana about the Miss Bum Bum competition. Brazil is gearing up for its “Miss Bumbum” pageant, a nationwide contest to find the best butt in the country. The nation’s favorite posterior will be chosen from 27 competitors, one representing each of Brazil’s states. “Bumbum,” the most common word for butt in Brazil. The 15 finalists will travel to São Paulo in November for the grand finale.

Today we deciphered the difference between Good Naked and Bad Naked before we created a “Sexual Exploration” game. Kevin, Andrea, Elise, Gina and Jaron each came up with two sexual explorations they want to try. Out of a hat, we pulled at random a different exploration for each of us to complete whether it was our own idea or not.  The given explorations  included:

  • Kevin: Having a threesome
  • Andrea: Having sex while driving
  • Elise: Masturbating in front of co-workers
  • Gina: Having Skype sex
  • Jaron: Having sex in a public place

The Power Hour:

Today we welcomed Sloan Bella and Wayne, two very talented psychics, to the Mini Mansion. We tested their abilities on two of our lovely models, Paula and Britnee. First up was Sloan, a beautiful and gifted psychic medium, astrologer and metaphysician, who predicted that Paula would move away in three years, and that she’d be running her own business in 14 years. Next up was Psychic Wayne who gave a tarot card reading on Britnee’s life and future. While the girls were left in shock by the accuracy of it all, Kevin did his own psychic readings to test his clairvoyant abilities against our experts’.  His technique? Interpreting the auras of our models’ BREASTS. The whole studio was stunned when Kevin correctly sensed that Britnee had a huge fear of Palmetto bugs! Could he be the next psychic phenomenon?