The Playboy Radio Morning Show… and Tell


Our March Badness Elite Eight started today with contestants Jillisa Lynn and Alex Lyon battling against each other! These two bad girls shared their new stories with Kevin and Andrea to advance to the next round. Send us your votes @PBMorningShowRobin Leach Phoned in with us today giving us the details on the relocation of the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.

Power Hour:

Our New Playmate, Miss April 2012, Raquel Pomplun, joins us in the mini mansion! Raquel was full of stories and a handful of fun! Check out her spread in the new addition of the April Playboy Magazine! Susan Holmes-McKagan also joined us in studio today bringing gifts to Andrea and Raquel! Susan has a super sexy line of  swimwear, in fact it was in a recent Sport’s Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition where she was written up for the designer “with the most suits.” Susan’s designs can be found at

Also joining the party today we had Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan in the studio! We used these three guests today as our judges for our Tittoos Pageant! Five new women joined us in studio today showing off their naked bodies full of tattoos! Our three judges had to pick a winner with a tattoo closest to their breasts! The winner of the day was Kana!


Opening today’s show Kevin and Andrea dove straight into more sexy “bad girl” stories from our two contestants Jennifer Vaughn and Sandra London! Jennifer decided to get down and dirty on her patio in front of neighbors, while Sandra had sex with two brothers at once in France! Who is the bad girl? Tweet us and let us know@PBMorningShow . Today we encountered some breaking lesbian news where it appears there is footage of a lesbian couple getting engaged during a National Hockey League game in Canada.

On the phone with Eden Orfanos from Playboy Casting we checked in to see how auditions are going for the upcoming Girls of the Big 10 issue! So far so good check it out on

Our listeners gave their Bra-Breaking news topics to Kevin and Andrea while our amazing in studio painter prepared her presentation. Joining us in studio was Danielle Robinson ready to have her breasts painted with breaking news!

Also joining us in the mini mansion today was Romany Malco promoting his newest movie Think Like A Man. 

Based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, Think Like a Man follows four interconnected and diverse men whose love lives are shaken up after the women they are pursuing buy Harvey’s book and start taking his advice to heart. Check him out in theaters April 20!

After Romany shared his quote “I’m more of an ass man, and like an ass that casts a shadow on my dick” we began our last Round one mash-up for March Badness! Danielle Robinson also as one of our contestants battles up with Tricia Evans for the baddest bad girl story! Danielle enjoyed the company of 5 other women cuddled in her bed after a steamy hot tub session! Her version of slapping the bag with boxed wine led to a very sexy orgy. Tricia turned into a bad girl when she decided to have a threesome with her boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend while her partner served his time in jail. After shoving the girlfriend in her face for giving bad blow jobs the cops arrived.  It can’t get anymore twisted than that! Tweet us your vote! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s winner of Round one in March Badness as we continue  into the Elite 8! Romany you rocked today! Don’t forget to check out for all his latest projects!


Today Andrea started off the show realizing that her fantasy of “Masterobics” the idea of burning calories while masturbating has already been taken! It appears there is a class called “Coregasm” that exists! A great way to kick off our Wednesday morning was with a little March Badness! Alex Lyon and Nicolette Shea joined us over the phone for a round of “bad girl” stories. This head to head matchup was sexy, hot and out of control! Nicolette shared her story about having sex in a convertible with the top down! Then pulled over and finished on the side of the road! What a bad girl! Our second sexy bad girl Nicolette shared her story about having sex with a man she met in the lobby of the hotel where she worked. Her sexy one night stand took place on a random front lawn! Vote for the BADDEST! 323-405-PBMS.

Chip Rowe joined us again on the phone and answered some advice questions from listeners. Following Chip we headed into another round of March Badness with two more sexy bad girl stories. First we heard Sandy Garza’s detailed story about having sex on a skyscraper and getting escorted out! Secondly, we listened to Jackie Dawn tell us how she seduced her driving instructor during a lesson, which lead to very naughty details! Tweet us your vote for this round!

Power Hour:

Joining us on the phone for a quick overview about “Ugly Americans”was Natasha Leggero! If you didn’t already know catch it tonight onComedy Central at 10:30PM ET/PT.

In the mini mansion we had the one and only Weird Al Yankovic! Giving us an update on his current life and upcoming events and shows catch Weird Al appearing at The Grammy Museum tomorrow for the stage show! Weird Al also discussed his first full-length studio album Alpocalypse. The first single from the album was the Lady Gaga parody “Perform This Way” parodies of Miley Cyrus “Party In The CIA” and many more!

Ending today’s show with some sexy trivia questions, we had Jamie Lynn and Lindsey Knight join us in studio for a game of Know it Or Show It! Leaving Jamie Lynn stripped to her sexy wifebeater and lacy panties, Lindsey Knight remained fully clothed by answering each question correctly! Go Lindsey! However, both girls gave Weird Al a quick Rock-N- Roll Boob Flash!


Opening today’s show Kevin and Andrea brushed up on the new April issue of Playboy Magazine! Bruno Mars lands on this month’s front cover and is the tenth man to ever be on the front page of Playboy Magazine!

Winner of round one from yesterday’s March Badness bad girl stories is Jillisa Lynn!  Her sexual girl on girl action got listeners and viewers very excited! As we continued into round two of March Badness, contestants Megan Curry and Julia Maksimova joined us on the phone. Megan shared her naked skydiving experience with her two best girlfriends and Julia gave a detailed description of her bad girl moment having sex with her married math teacher! Very bad girl!

In the second hour, we spoke with Carrie Matherly the director of retail for Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. A new service has been discovered at the HRH in Las Vegas! Believe it or not a new ’Get Love brochure has been placed in each room and features erotic items from the resort’s Love Jones Boutique. They range from a peek-a-boo bra to blindfolds, crotchless panties, and rabbit fur handcuffs! There most popular item is said to be vibrating panties with a controller! This is a 24/7 delivery service to your room and is NOT offered in any other hotel! Book your stay at Hard Rock Hotel quick!

Power Hour:

It was a jammed packed power hour today in the mini mansion! Comedian Jamie Kaler was in studio telling his red-head stories making us laugh! Our second round of  March Badness girls were Victoria Vertuga and Tawnie Lynn who also joined us in studio for their “bad girl” story match- up! Tawnie was a gift by her best friend for a threesome, and Victoria decided to get naughty in the back seat of her boyfriends car in his work parking lot! Who will win this round? Tweet us! Shortly after our Lowell down, it was time for comic strip! Jamie gave Victoria and Tawnie each a set of jokes to tell Kevin and Andrea. If they didn’t laugh at their jokes the clothes came off!


Today in the mini mansion we kicked off March Badness! Madelon Cullen winner of Miss March Badness 2011 joined us on the phone! Recapping all of her bad girl stories Madelon still left us with our minds running wild over her masturbating experience on an airplane with a stripper last year! As a March Badness Bonus Madelon shared with us her recent threesome at a Holiday house party. As a sneak peek to what went on she went down on her boyfriend while he went down on her best friend!