The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell!

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Friday 10/18/13

It’s Friday the 18th! Is that good luck or bad luck? I forget.

Anyway, we had an awesome show for you today, which we began by celebrating Today in History (if history were as sexy as our show). We had our super hot models Mary Louise, Adrienne, Amberly, and Meghancome into the studio and explain to us exactly how the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico on this day in 1898. Our wholly inaccurate portrayal of those events will go down in history as one of the craziest of all time.

Next, it was time to run through the Week in Sex! If you’ve ever stared at your iPhone and wondered what the mastermind behind it was like in the sack, check out Steve Jobs’ former lovers book! We heard this and other similarly wacky stories, because we like to keep you in the know, as well as in the sheets.

After that, we welcomed in Kandy Jo, who is another one of our college girls, this time from Oregon State. We presented her with another pop quiz, as read by our sexy models, and then she did us the honor of recreating her picture in the magazine right before our very eyes. Go Beavers, right?

We took a quick break, and then it was time to run through another sexy Halloween costume. This time Adrienne showed us her super tight corset made of some sort of leaves costume, that leaves its interpretation up to the imagination, without doing the same to your figure.

Following that treat, we had our Friday Awards! It’s been a while since we’ve done these bad boys, but we jumped right back in. We went through our categories of Andrea’s Mobility, Constructive Criticism, and in memory of all the clothing we’ve lost this week.

Finally! It’s the weekend, which means that football is here. Andrea picked with boobs and Kevin with brains, so check in Monday to see who came out on top. Have a good weekend!


Thursday 10/17/13

It’s Thursday! You know what that means… Time to get thirsty.

Alright. We started things here by talking with our Thursday friend Mr. Skin about some cool upcoming nudity we can expect. We spoke about things like the re-make of “Carrie” and other spooky Halloween films that are always good for a little skin.  Also, don’t forget to check out some nakedness from the past on his site, like Alyssa Milano’s ta-tas in that one vampire movie.

Next, we welcomed in Annie Lederman, a funny comedian who you should definitely check out on Twitter. She stuck around to help us play one of our favorite games, “Name That ALLEGED Perv.” Our sexy models, Grace, Rachel, and Lindsey all came in to read us stories of crimes that were allegedly committed, and it was up to Kevin, Andrea, and Annie to guess who they thought did the deed. Allegedly.

After that, we brought in Justin Jedlica, who calls himself “The Human Ken Doll,” due to the fact that he’s had over 100 plastic surgeries. In his own words, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.” Since he’s such an expert with bodily modifications, we wanted to test if he could determine what, if anything, our models have had enhanced. Sometimes, looks are actually skin deep (because under that skin is a bunch of silicone).

We ran out of time for Titty Picks, but after the show, Andrea picked the Seattle Seahawks to come out over the other birds from Arizona.


Wednesday 10/16/13

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Let us get to the show. But don’t forget to keep sending in your #tittybombing pics to @PBMorningShow

We started things off today by talking with one of our beautiful models who just happens to be single in our “Top Model Adoption” segment. Jessica gave us the dirt on what she likes and doesn’t like, so that YOU can learn the facts and maybe pick up a hottie yourself.

Next, we talked to Madelyn Sheaffer on the phone, who recently got kicked out of a waterpark for wearing a bikini that was too revealing. She says that she recently lost a bunch of weight and wanted to finally flaunt her hard-earned body. We looked at the evidence and found that it was a clear-cut case of big boobie discrimination, which as we all know is the worst kind of discrimination. Stay strong, big-breasted women of the world, and don’t let others’ jealousy get you down.

After a short break, we came back to play “This Day in History… if History were sexy.” We had our super sexy historian Brittany come into the studio and explain the Cuban missile crisis to us, which happened on this day in 1962. According to her, a lot of LSD was involved in Russia and the USA’s throwdown, and Melody and Charlie came in to help her re-enact the events as she told them. So don’t say you don’t learn anything from this show. It may not necessarily be completely accurate, but let’s not split hairs here.

We then welcomed in to the studio one of our college reps from this month’s college issue of Playboy. Her name is Hayley Taylor, and she is from the University of Colorado in Boulder. From what she talked about, it seems like a pretty fun place. And here we thought all they had there was mountains and John Denver.


Finally, we welcomed Jessica back in to give us another Halloween costume in the form of a Can-Can Dancer. If you think you’ve got the moves, you can-can wear this out in public. Not that you should-should.



Tuesday 10/15/13

Happy Topless Tuesday! We had jam-packed show stacked up for you today, so let’s get to it.

We began things by explaining our absence yesterday. No, it’s not because we love Columbus, our BATHROOM was getting fixed. How sexy is that?? Well, at least we’re honest with you.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (formerly known as “October”), Kevin gave Andrea a breast exam of sorts. It was more of a breast test, to see if they were, in fact, “big.” It turns out if you’ve had underboob sweat, people staring at your boobs instead of your face, and what’s being described as “demi cup overflow” (look it up), then YOU may be suffering from big breasts. So go see a doctor, or a friend, or a group of strange men and get tested to find out for sure.

Next, it was time for the Fuck-Me voice. Both Kevin and Andrea’s teams are starting to take sexy shape, so when we had Sarah, Sarah Beth, and Bobbi come in and try their best to get our hosts to turn around. As the dust settled, it turned out that Kevin picked up Sarah, and Andrea got Sarah Beth (who is one person).

After a quick break, we came back to continue our Halloween costume countdown, and Bobbi showed us her sexy French Maid costume. A few tips for this one: create an interesting fusion between this outfit and your actual ethnicity. For example, be a Mexican/French Maid, or a Canadian/French Maid, etc. etc.

Following that, we called up two rival girls from ASU and U of A, both of whom you can check out in this month’s issue of Playboy, who were gracious enough to throw down in a battle of the college babes. From Arizona State we had Shanice Jordyn, and from the University of Arizona we had Ginny Connor go toe to toe in a Skype-enger hunt. We only got through one round, but we’ll have to make sure to have them both back again to see who comes out on top.

Finally, we had our lovely models come back in and try their very best to do “Nip or Treat,” to see if they could pick up candy with their breasts. We’d say, stick to your hands while you go around the neighborhood.