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Wednesday 8/28/13

Hump Day is here! We had a great show for you today, so let’s get to it.

We started the show today by continuing our Back 2 School learning sessions. Today’s subject is Geography, and we here in America could sure use some help with that. SO! We brought in Canon to help us get to know California’s (and her) curves.


After that, we welcomed in comedian Ian Edwards, who is a regular at the Laugh Factory here in Hollywood, and also has been a writer for SNL among other things. We talked his history growing up poor in Jamaica, and what it’s like to take hardship and turn it into hilarity.


While Ian was here, we figured it’d be as good a time as any to play another awesome round of “Name That Alleged Perv”! We brought up five pictures of ALLEGED pervs that have been ACCUSED of crimes (but not convicted) and tried to match the crime to the face.

After a short break, we played a game we like to call “Gratuity Nudity,” or “Just the Tip.” We read out certain situations and the girls tried to guess what the correct amount of tip would be. Every wrong answer, and they donate their clothes to the giant tip bucket we set up in the studio. Do you know how much to give a shoeshine? Do they exist anymore?



Tuesday 8/27/13

Happy Topless Tuesday, folks! We had a great show for you today, with no tops to drag us down.

We began the show today by talking Toplessness… for equality. That’s right, one of the pioneers of, a group dedicated to women’s rights, Rachel Jessee joined us in the studio to talk about the group’s recent protest here in Venice Beach, California. We’re behind her 100 percent: A man can show his gross body on the beach, but a woman can’t show her glorious rack? Absurdity!

In order to help out the cause, we brought in some hot ladies of our own in order to provide her with some helpful ideas for chanting during their next protest. It all makes sense when you can hear the cries and see the bounce at the same time.

After that, we continued our Back 2 School segment with a little history lesson from our very own Ms. Purry. She took us through a time long ago in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight. Times were different back then, and we ended up learning quite a bit about the history of small dick syndrome.


We took a quick break, and then came back to welcome in Diana Branton of CFX, who are featured in this month’s issue of Playboy. They make some kick-ass realistic masks, and she brought two in to show to us. Halloween ideas are already starting to form…




Finally, to round everything out, we played a little game we like to call “Witness Erection Program,” where the ladies came in wearing some of OUR masks (like a chicken, luchador, etc.) and tried to fool us into hiding their identity based on stories they gave us.

After the show, as a special treat, Kevin put on one of the masks! And by special treat, we mean nightmare fuel…



Monday 8/26/13

Hey everybody! It’s the start of a new week, which means we have a new bits and nice tits.

We began the show today by going back to school. If you’re a student, that’s bad news, if you’re a parent, it’s the best news. Either way, it’s happening. So all this week, we’re featuring some Back 2 School knowledge to get you back into learning shape. Today’s lesson was Math, and if you gained anything from what was taught, you’ve got bigger problems.


After that, it was time for Good Naked/Bad Naked! We ran through the news stories that featured naked civilians, and we recreated them with naked professionals.

Next, we welcomed in Martin Riese, who is a dihydrogen-monoxide expert. (It’s water). This sommelier gave us 6 different types of water to taste and see if we can tell which is the high-end stuff, and what comes from the tap.



In order to fully appreciate the vast uses of water and the effect it has on the human body… we welcomed in Sasha and Molly to demonstrate on their plain white t-shirts how each water fared in exposing the nipple. After careful testing and deliberation, it was clear…. literally.


Martin 2

Martin 1