The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell!


We started out the show today by checking out what the NSA spying program has from Andrea’s phone! It’s a gold mine of nudity, seriously.

We also talked on the phone with Mr. Skin (as we do every Thursday), and he had a lot of naked bombs to drop on us this week. Game of Thrones won’t be on for another nine months, so we’ll have to say goodbye to many sets of wonderful breasts. An old film from the thirties features a previously undiscovered Gretta Garbo nip slip! And finally, check out Mr. Skin’s website to check out his 69 weirdest movie nudity scenes. If the first few are any indication, it’s gonna be a trip and a half. We will still miss Game of Thrones the most, though.

From there, we talked on the phone with jilted Playboy Robot, who was none too happy about being bumped from the show yesterday. So, do as the robot says and send us your intro on our twitter feed, and you could be on TV! Your mom will be so proud.

We also Sex-i-fied another dad’s tie, and got a summer straw slurping tip from our sun goddess, Erika.

Our guest today was none other than B-Real, the famous rapper from the group Cypress Hill, to talk about their upcoming tour with 311and his television station


We also brought in 4 sexy ladies by the names of Canon, Dani, Jade, and Lindsey to play a game we like to call “B-Real… or Be Fake?” In this game, we had these four lovely ladies get in varying degrees of nudity and guess which breasts were all natural, and which were “enhanced.” In the end, they were all enhanced! And there’s nothing wrong with that.





Wednesday 6/12/13

Happy Hump day, loyal listeners! We have a MAGICAL* show for you today, so let’s get to it.

We kicked off the show today by fielding some calls from concerned fans of the show who think that Andrea better be cautious around her pretend-husband, Cookie Monster. But isn’t undying admiration something spouses are supposed to shower upon their loves? Sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense.

We then continued in two ongoing summer specials we have here on the show, Sexifying Your Dad’s Tie, and our Summer “Just the Tip” with Erika. Both went about as nude as expected.

From there, we introduced our guests for the morning, Chris Korn and Crow Garrett, two fabulous sleight-of-hand artists (see: magician), who are joining us to show off some of their magical pizzaz. We talked with them for a moment and then brought in our four gorgeous models Leia, Ruby, Emily, and Miranda. The magicians each tried to impress them, and then the girls tried to impress our magic men right back. Three ladies then paired off to learn a quick trick from each magician to see if “A Chick Can Do A Trick.”

In the meantime, we had Emily stick around and read us some of our “Fe-Mail,” e-mails from fans like you with pertinent questions that needed answering from our wise hosts.

It was indeed quick, but after everyone returned to the studio, we saw the ladies attempt what they learned, and they did a fantastic job! If you didn’t believe in magic before, you should now.



*I will never apologize for making this joke

Tuesday 6/11/13

It’s Tuesday, and since the weather is finally warming up all over the country, we decided that it’s time we brought back Topless Tuesdays!

We started this inaugural Topless Tuesday by Sexify-ing another dad’s tie. Ties look so much better when they’re used as boob-belts… or not at all.

After that, we checked in with another “Just the Tip” for Summer from our sun goddess, Erika. Topless Tuesday rolled on with a call from Cookie Monster, based on voicemails he left yesterday when no one was here.

From there we moved on to a sexy Skype-enger hunt with cyber girl Kerry Lynn. We had her run all around her sister’s place searching for lingerie and fighting Muay-Thai style.


We also introduced a little contest we’ll be holding: you can submit your own Morning Show intros online to our twitter account, and if we like it enough, we’ll put it on the show! You might even have the chance to walk away with some sick Playboy swag, so get to filming!

Finally, we brought in our buxom ladies who entered topless! No need to fuss about with those straps and hooks and locks, just glorious female form. Maria, Jenni, Amber, and Wendy all came in and played a quick round of Topless Truth or Dare. Only Amber was brave enough to venture a dare, and for that, we thank her.


Monday 6/10/13

Happy Monday! Let’s get down to brass tacks, eh?

We kicked off the show today by celebrating our dads! We’re Sex-ify-ing Your Dad’s Ties all this week, so send us in a tie that you think could use a little “jazzing up.”

From there, we checked in with our very own sun goddess for our ongoing summer edition of “Just the Tip,” and then dove headfirst into Good Naked/Bad Naked. We heard about a girl who went back to her high school and took some naked pictures (see: good naked) and we actually got her on the phone to talk about what exactly she was trying to accomplish.

We then welcomed to the Mini Mansion Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue fame, who happens to be throwing a huge bar/nightclub/dayclub extravaganza in Las Vegas in July called “On The Rocks.” In his own words, it’s “spring break for adults.”



Paula, Taylor, Charlotte, and Kat (see: hot ladies) came into the studio next, and we figured that since Jon was here, we’d play a round of what we like to call “Bar Games Rescue,” where beautiful women play sexy versions of things like Rear Pong, Flippy Cups, and Dizzy Bat. Our versions are decidedly better.