The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell

Thursday 1/17/13

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!

Today, we CELEBRATED Andrea’s 29th Birthday (again)! We got to relive Andrea’s Top 29 Greatest Hits, including Lady Gag Gag! Then we brought out The Wheel of Spank, which landed on strap on- lucky Kevin! The Birthday girl even gave her famous wub wub to one of our listeners.


Have you ever duped or been duped, Manti Te’o style? College football star Manti Te’o says he was the victim of a cruel hoax, an elaborate scheme in which he fell for an imaginary girlfriend named Lennay Kekua and mourned her when she died of leukemia. click here for the full story.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with a new sexy model, Erika, as she spun The Wheel of Spank for Andrea. Then Mr. Skin joined us to celebrate  Andrea’s Birthday with a sexy tribute! Going back to some of her first films we saw the same rockin’ body of Andrea Lowell. After that, we welcomed David Koechner into the Mini Mansion where he was interviewed for the second time by the one and only Hazel Lee. We found out that David has a lot of sex after he shared how he ended up with five offspring! David also told us he will begin filming Anchorman 2 in March. We wrapped up the show recreating parts of Andrea’s life with several of our models. First, was “Lady in Red” withBrandie Moses and Danielle. Then we had SarahLindsey, Erika,Hazel  and Cody line up and give Andrea a Birthday spanking as she crawled through their legs. Lastly, in honor of Andrea, our sexy models jumped into a big white frosted cake! It was a great show with David and our models, be sure to see his new film “A Haunted House” in theaters now!

mr skin


hazel 2

Spanking Wheel

David Group


The Playboy Morning Show

Wednesday 1/16/13

Are you a “same-sider”? Today we learned that people who sit on the same side of the table when they’re at a restaurant, rather than across from one another, make those around them feel awkward. Andrea says she’s a proud same-sider who likes to get close to her companions! For the record, her companions don’t complain…and others would love the chance to dine with her!

same side large

We introduced our new segment, Beauty or the Beast Tweet! (Yes, we finally settled on a name.) We read tweets, you decide if they were written by a Playmate, or a beastly-looking celebrity. Who knew Gary Busey was just as sentimental as Miss May 2009, Crystal McCahill.




It was a thrill to welcome Dog Behaviorist, Cesar Millan, to the Mini Mansion! Junior & Alfie, members of his PACK, also joined us. Cesar has a new show on Nat Geo WILD called “Leader of the Pack,” which airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. We learned that dogs only care about inner beauty, they pick up on the energy of their owners (including sexual), and black dogs do NOT have bigger penises than white dogs. We knew you were curious.




Also, sex expert Simone Bienne joined the fun, answering questions and offering her doggy-style tips. Beauties Jamie Michelle and Carrie Lynn demonstrated their best moves.





Tuesday 1/15/13:


Today we revealed the FINISHED PRODUCT of our Sexy Flu Prevention PSA! Then we had Jim Jerreries stop by with our two lovely models for “No Strings Attached!”

Do you think sexy clothes on women are too distracting in the workplace? A new survey revealed that British men want to ban some women’s wardrobe items that appear to be too revealing, but should they be BANNED?

  • Hotpants (50% of the men surveyed said they’re too distracting)
  • Sheer blouses (41%)
  • Miniskirts (39%)
  • Low cut tops (38%)
  • Crocs (36%)
  • Anything with leopard or animal print (33%)
  • Slogan t-shirts (32%)
  • UGG boots (26%)

Scott Alexander joined in to talk about the latest things in technology. Some of the new Games & Gadgets he discussed were, 26 inch tablets, a Happy Fork, a new self parking car and an ipoddy!


After that, we talked to Professor Simon Louis Lajeuness who was doing a study on porn, but couldn’t find any college guys that HADN’T seen it! The goal of his work is to observe the impact of pornography on the sexuality of men, and how it shapes their perception of men and women. To do so, he has so far recruited and interviewed 20 heterosexual male university students who consume pornography. To view more information about his study click here.

Then we played a round of “Whats In Their Pants?” We had our listeners guess which items not-so-savvy criminals tried to steal…by stuffing them into their PANTS! Today’s items: Iced Honeybun pastry, a bone in ribeye and a sex toy!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Andrea’s famous and informativeLowell Down. Then we were happy to welcome Jim Jefferies to the NEW Mini Mansion! Jim joined us to talk about his latest comedyLegit,which debuts on FX, January 17th at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. We also had two models Sasha and Alyssa stop by the studio for “No Strings Attached.” While the girls had to answers True or False questions about Jeff’s lifestyle, we watched their tied bikini’s slowly unravel, we got a glimpse of the two girls rocking’ bodies! Check them out!

Jim Jefferies



Monday 1/14/13


We kicked off the show discussing last nights Miss America contestant, Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary. She confused crowds when she responded to a question about Marijuana legalization by saying the drug should only be used recreationally and medicinally.


Breaking Titty News: The year of the Underboob! Beyonce’s boobs were seen all over the cover of the new GQ!  Will the underboob become the newest trend??


Kristen James is the CEO & Founder of Kristen James Fitness, a company that’s focused on the client’s physical, mental, and overall wellness. Kristen is a New York-based exercise guru and calls her randy workout “50 Shapes Of Grey” and it utilizes moves that will help people of all levels of fitness work out all their body’s kinks in order to act out the book’s kinky encounters. There are 13 “sexercises” with titles like “bend-over-better,” “sexy scissors,” and “seductive squat,” all of which, she said, will translate to better, bolder sex. Ladies don’t forget to practice your kegels!!!

Before we headed into the Power Hour we heard several Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories!

kristen james


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with our newest Playboy Playmate,Karina Marie! According to Karina, men who play the guitar are such a turn on, so Kevin created his own guitar solo for Miss January.  After that, we gave Karina her Playmate Pick Six. She answered six personal questions, such as, “What’s your favorite sexual position?” Her answer – on top! Of course, Karina got all of her questions right, for a perfect score! Check out the double Jan/Feb 2013 issue for more on this months Playmate! Then we had two beautiful models join us in studio to help us film our helpful Flu Prevention PSA. Our sexy Flu Survivors Britney and Lindsey gave several Flu Prevention tips like“get plenty of BED rest”, “drink plenty of fluids” and “be sure to wash up!” Don’t forget to get your flu shots too!



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