The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell

Thursday 11/1/12


This morning we spoke with Kathy Simmons aka the Ranch Goddess and owner of Botox and Bullets. Just For Girls, Botox and Bullets is a fun weekend get away for the women who have been wanting to get special spa treatment and learn how to shoot a gun all at once! Treatments can range from Botox injections, spa facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, and waxing. You and your gal pals will be wined and dined the entire time with handgun instructions and plenty of girl time!

We also talked politics with Nancy L. Cohen, the author of “Screwed” which is featured on and on page 64 in the November issue. Her article discusses how the new President may have an effect on people’s sex life in regards to contraception being less accessible, the lack of sexual education in schools and less porn availability. Also, check out Nancy’s new book Delirium: The Politics of Sex in Americafor more debate.

Party Joke Remix:

1.)    What did the blonde say after having multiple orgasms?

2.)    What is the downside to wife swapping

3.)    How does James Bond like his pussy?

4.)    How does a Nympho describe herself in a personal Ad?

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Mr. Skin and lots of celebrity nudity.  We got to see the breasts of Nadine Velazques, Salma Hayek, Gretchen Mol and Juliet Reevies! Then Kevin and Skin got into some post Halloween pun-on-pun action, to see who could come up with the cleverest play-on-words involving things like Zombie Nipples, Vampire Breasts and Grim Reaper Ass (a.k.a. Grim RUMPER). After Andrea gave her famous, topless Lowell Down, we got into a Post-Halloween Walk of Shame Game! It started off with RadioMate Sherra dressed as a sexy construction worker, model Charlotte dressed as a black cat, and vixen Veronica wearing a sexy referee outfit! The girls removed their clothes while laying in bed under the covers. Once they were stripped down to nothing but blindfolds, Andrea dispersed their costumes all over the room and sent the girls crawling to try and dress themselves in their correct outfits in only one minute! For a good cause, Kevin offered to donate $10 dollars to the Red Cross for each second under 60 that it took the girls to finish dressing. Even though our models failed to earn money, Kevin agreed to donate $200 on their behalf! Ending today’s show, Andrea used her perfect titties to predict the Kansas City Chiefs to win in tonight’s NFL game!

Wednesday 10/31/12



This morning Andrea and special guest host Jo Koy discussed the pros and cons about push up bras and fake bra inserts. It appears that women who wear bras with inserts to cause breast enhancements are considered a turn off!

We had an update with Superstorm Sandy starring Coco and her breasts! It looks like it’s still wet and windy on the east coast!

People are using Sandy as an excuse to hook up via Craigslist. Looking for their “Hurricane Snuggle Bunny” we decided whether it was a good idea or not.

We revealed the TOP 3 songs today in our countdown of The Top 34C Boob Songs of All Time! Coming in at #3: “Titties #2: “I Love Titties” and #1: “Tootin’ on the Hooters!”

We played a round of “What’s In Their Pant’s?” where we had many callers and Jo Koy guess what was stuffed down the pants of various adventures in the news! A couple items found hidden in people’s pants were drugs, money and legs of lamb! After, we spoke with Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off our Halloween Power Hour by welcoming comedian and musician Esther Ku into the Mini Mansion for her first in-studio appearance. To celebrate, she dressed as the classic cartoon character Jem! “Ku,” as her friends call her, compared family backgrounds with guest host Jo Koy, which led to an Asian vs. Asian battle of the wits! We also found out that Ku is obsessed with her clit, so she decided to break out her ukulele and serenade us with her song, “Come, Come, Come,” which celebrates her vibrator. Next, we introduced three final Halloween Hotties! AmberRebecca and Sarah played the roles of sexy cop, Pocahontas and naughty school girl. For our Haunted Halloween BREASTIVAL celebration, our models had to transform into sexy ghosts by creating costumes using only scissors and sheets. The girls also participated in a Hallowiener Eating Competition! Amber, Rebecca and Sarah had to place hotdogs between their breasts and eat as much as possible. Last but not least, the ladies went Boobing for Apples! Since Amber’s perfect A-cup breasts were too small to fetch apples out of our pail of water, she took Jo Koy’s advice and used her ass cheeks instead! Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday 10/30/12


While Kevin was live in the eye of the storm in Washington DC, Jo Koywas here to guest host in studio with our one and only Andrea Lowell! We spoke with meteorologist Jeff Masters about Sandy, and it looks like Kevin will make it back this week.  We also got the latest on Games and Gadgets fromScott Alexander. LG’s Nexus 4 is finally official, we’re looking at a 4.7-inch! Check it out!

The Power Hour:

Today, guest host Jo Koy filled in for Kevin, who is currently stuck on the East Coast with “Frankenstorm” Sandy. We kicked off the Power Hour with another Food Porn submission! This one came from Debbie in Miami, who created a mess by using a slice of pizza and a cheeto to have sex. Also, we welcomed actor Gary Cole to the Mini Mansion, a familiar face you may recognize from almost every show created, but most likely as Mr. Lumbergh from the movie “Office Space.” Gary stopped by to tell us about his new web-series “Audrey,” which launched yesterday on WIGS, YouTube’s #1 channel for scripted drama. New episodes are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET, through November 9. Then we introduced today’s Halloween HottieNika Bella, who transformed herself into a fancy Tiffany’s gift box. Nika untied her white silk bow to reveal the “gifts” she had inside! (Yes, we mean boobs.) Nika then joined Gary on the couch for a game of CrossTable/RoundFire. Andrea gave our guests and guest-host Jo a variety of topics to weigh-in on, including Naming Your Genitals, Men With Moustaches and Electric Cars. The consensus? People shouldn’t name their genitals, men with moustaches are creepy, and electric cars are “toys.”