The Playboy Morning Show… And Tell

Thursday 8/2/12

The spider is still on the loose! Kevin and his wife have yet to find where the horrific spider is. His wife’s fear of spiders is equivalent to Andrea’s fear of bees!

On the phone we chatted with Moira Johnston, a topless activist based in New York City. Moira supports women’s rights to go topless in public, where it’s legal. She shared her first experience removing her top in the front of her yoga class. View more here.

According to Playboy Contributor Rob Magnuson Smith’s article “Beyond the Sky,” Aliens do exist! Check out what he has to say in the current issue on page 80.

We also got to know more about our current July/August BarMate Justine Denea! You can meet her at Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse in Philly.

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin surprised us with his best celebrity nudity and also had photos to share from the latest 3-breasted bombshell Kaitlin Leeb from TOTAL RECALL! Kaitlin also joined us for the segment to discuss her role in the film and the process of getting 3 prosthetic breasts attached to her chest!

It was time for NAKED OLYMPICSBadminton and Balance BeamCanadaDenmarkBrazil and England competed for the gold medal today. Taking the lead in both games was Denmark! Way to go Danes!

Four contestants from Playboy TV’s upcoming show “The Man” also joined the mini mansion. A lot of guys out there think they’re The Man when it comes to attracting and pleasing women.  On this show, four guys are put through a series of challenges. The judges are the two women they are trying to impress. The winning guy is crowned The Man.

Wednesday 8/1/12

Sherlyn Chopra has been on the lips of millions after surprising the world through her tweets. Sherlyn will be the first Indian woman to appear nude in the November issue of Playboy! We are looking forward to seeing this Bollywood beauty!

We got inside of the mind of Hugh Hefner with a presidential round of What Would Hef Do? The question was: What does Hef like to do before sex? Since Hef doesn’t usually take a warm bath and sip French Rose before sex, he oftentimes has a buffet and watches classic movies.

We talked to sex coach Kim Anami about rampant undersexed women. In her article “Carnal Knowledge” on page 130 in the July/August issue you can read all about her thoughts and concerns about sex.

The Power Hour:

Welcome to the power hour with Kevin’s future-ex wife freaking out about a spider in the closet! We believe it was just a Wool Spider…

Twins Brittany and Erica Taltos from Bachelor Pad on ABC joined us on the phone today discussing why they left the show. Apparently it was too much for them to handle, but did they know Hugh Hefner watches?

Day 3 of NAKED OLYMPICS!!! Representing Italy: Caitlin Fierce. South Korea: Hazel Lee. And USA: Lisa Arnett! While the girls did a warm-up stretch, they prepared themselves for RowingSkeet Shooting, and The Rack & Stack!

Tuesday 7/31/12

We spoke with New York Times best-selling author Wendy Goldman Rohm about her current piece in the Playboy magazine, “The Talented Mr. K.” Read more about her article on counterfeit wines on page 88.

Scott Alexander checked in to give us his latest on Games and Gadgets just before we did another Carol and Andrea: Gay Women, Straight Talk! We also called over to Denver, Colorado where we spoke with Shelly Riley for an update at Playboy’s Casting Call! If you have what it takes to be in the Playboy Magazine head over to Denver for a casting call August 7 & 8.

The Power Hour:

Not one, but TWO hot girls joined us for a very sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt! BONUS! Jordan and Anna gave each other lap dances, stripped down to nothing while exchanging  lingerie, found each others’ erogenous zones, and even got soaked in the shower! Well done girls, well done.

We continued with our NAKED OLYMPICS and finally representing USA, Michelle Leslie took the winning Gold Medal. Cody representing Germany and Chelsea from the land of Brazil showed their competitive skills Fencing, doing Ribbon Routines, and last but not least, the limbo. While the girls got low USA rocked her red white and blue lingerie!

Monday 7/30/12

We spoke with the mertailorEric Ducharme this morning who turns women into mermaids! His company creates custom-made wearable mermaid tails available to swim in. Check out 

Making the world more beautiful one Bikini at a time, we chatted with Doug Guller, founder and CEO of Bikinis, TX! Check out the fastest growing sports Bar & Grill!

Today’s Good Naked / Bad Naked verdicts: 3 good, 1 bad – society is getting better. Carly Rae needs to take a tip or two from Andrea’s “Teach Me How To Suckie” instructions. Remember; send your GN/BN stories to!

The Power Hour:

Starting off our Power Hour with the newest Playmate Miss August 2012, Beth Williams! Beth scored the perfect Pick Six! Check out the beautiful small town girl in this months Playboy issue.


First up we had Jenny Rae representing Canada against Lindsey representing North Korea in a competitive Soccer match! Next up we had Canada take the lead with an Ice Cube Luge, and lastly, Canada wins the Gold medal for Archery!