The Playboy Morning Show… And Tell



As it turns out, Penguins are as sexually fucked up as the rest of us… maybe more. Kevin and Andrea were really onto something with this one. Kevin even volunteered to dress as a penguin and live with them for a few weeks to teach and learn some sexual tricks “like the art of seduction” or “how to play just the beak.”

Serendipity 3 provided us with our newest PLAYBURGER, a $295 burger full of truffles, hand crafted cheese, and a quail egg. Oh, and it also comes topped with a gold toothpick. The creative chef also told us about their $70 hot dog, and $1,000 Sunday.

Gay Women: Straight Talk returned with Carol and Andrea chatting with a life coach. Per usual, Carol, made a mockery of the interview, got into a fight with Andrea, and brought our guest to the verge of tears. IT WAS PERFECT!

The Playboy Party Joke REMIX gave us four jokes with endless punch lines… the jokes were…

-Why don’t heavyweight fighters have sex before a big fight?

-What is the politically correct term for lesbians?

-What do you call and Amish guy with his arm halfway up a horse’s ass?

-What is a good way to tell that you are on a great first date?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin uncovered a 7-year-old picture of Katherine Higal’s butt from a French DVD. Well done sir. After Skin, Playmate Miss May 1996,Shana Sand joined us to talk about dressing sexy, sleeping naked, and dirty talking in 2 languages. She is going to auction off some of her worn goodies for the fans. Check out some of her links: Clear High HeelsSantini MavardiBlack Leather Cowboy Boots.

Last Comic Standing Winner and Playboy Jazz Cruise MC, Alonzo Bodden joined us for a laugh before we erected our pole, and met The Angry Stripper. She was fired from her newspaper job for moonlighting as a stripper. She took to the pole, and showed us some moves. Get out your dollar bills.


300 lb. BURGERS, Naked Girls Playing Golf, Miss Social, Charlie Murphy and Brody Jenner

Two women got in trouble for flashing boobies on a golf course. We didn’t know who would tell on them, but they should feel guilty about doing it. Why the hell would anyone not want to see some bonus titties on a golf course?

Kevin and Andrea got into a heated discussion about men buying underwear for their women. “Is there any way to do this without looking creepy?” Andrea and Kevin agreed that it is hard to pull off, but it can be done. Then Andrea agreed to buy underwear for Kevin’s wife so he wouldn’t have to.

A lot of people called with questions about the TOPLESS POOL TOUR IN VEGAS. Please email questions to us at MORNINGSHOW@PLAYBOY.COM

After giving advice with Playboy AdvisorChip Rowe, Kevin and Andrea got “balls deep” into the June issue of Playboy with CAN WE GET TO 10!!!.  Andrea called an RV Dealer and Kevin called a Tobacco shop. The final tally was 9 for Kevin and 10 for Andrea. WINNER!

The Power Hour:

Brody Jenner returned post playmate girlfriend, to talk about life, sex tapes, and his new online venture, Rocket Frog. He told us that he has seen some of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, and he is still boys with her ex, Reggie Bush.

Charlie Murphy joined in the fun, and we took out a wad of cash to gamble during the Coochie Casino. To subject of our gambling was Playboy’s new Miss Social, Jen Wilke. We gambled on her virginity, panties, and her masturbation habits. Charlie Murphy was up BIG BUCKS but in the end, Kevin won all of the cash.

Know it OR Show It returned with lots of SHOWING!!!!! Enjoy.



We kicked off the show with The BIG announcement that we are heading to Vegas for the 1st ever topless pool tour! We will be bouncing from topless pool to topless pool starting June 24th. Get ready for some sweet skin.

Kevin was excited for his first trip back to Vegas since being married. Andrea and the listeners didn’t believe him when he said that he told his wife why he was going to Vegas. He ended up calling his wife, who said she knew he was going to Vegas “for a topless something” but she tuned him out.

Scott Alexander broke down the  APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT, which led to a fight between Andrea and SIRI. Siri claimed that “Andrea was Google, and Google stinks?”

HOT-TUB Boats are the newest combination of two of our favorite things. It’s a floating hot-tub with a motor on it. Sweet!

In honor of the KINGS first ever Stanley Cup WIN, we chatted with thee MAN most responsible for bringing the Cup to LA. Quick? No. We found the assistant Zamboni driver at the King’s practice facility. He’s the official, “unofficial MVP” (according to us).

Our “PlayBurger Week” continued with a $100 BURGER (complete with a magnum of champagne and a side of caviar). It’s a great way to get full and drunk at the same time. Get your own at

The Power Hour:

The power hour was jam-packed with Governor Jesse Ventura,Sabina Kelley, and STRIP POKER GIRLS. Don’t believe us?  Check these out…

The Playboy Morning Show’s First Annual Topless Pool Tour!

Get ready!

The Playboy Morning Show is heading to Vegas June 24th – 29th for our First Annual Topless Pool Tour, staying at the legendary Caesars Palace! Details coming on our schedule of pools, but for now, get your plane tickets, book your hotel rooms and join us! We look forward to meeting you.



Want to have your art work or slogan on ONE MILLION and ONE condoms? We chatted with Karen from L.A.’s Next Sex Symbol about a contest in the works to design LA’s next condom. We pitched Mom-doms, regular size condoms in larger packaging, and condoms with ugly kids on the wrapper. We think they will keep looking. Submit your own ideas at here.

All this week, we’re talking BIG BURGERS, and not just in lbs.PlayBurgers are Playboy Burgers…over the top in every way. Today, we kicked things off with celebrity chef, Hubert Keller, and chatted about his $60 burger at Burger Bar in Las Vegas. In addition to the taste, he claims it has aphrodisiac powers. Tune in tomorrow as the burgers get bigger and more expensive.

Good Naked/ Bad Naked was a mix of hot naked statues, virtual rain dances, and streakers. This is the statue that is getting negative press. You tell us, good naked or bad naked?

The POWER HOUR kicked off with Ken Marino and Natasha Leggerotalking about their new show “Burning Love“. Natasha plays a “slut” who doesn’t wear pants, and Ken plays the Bachelor. While they hung out with us, we brought in our hot bud-tender, Jacque, and Heatherfor a Playboy CrossTable RoundFire. We talked about weed, weekend lesbians, and then ran out of time. Too bad!