The Playboy Morning Show… And Tell

Thursday 7/19/12

Happy 100th Episode of The Playboy Morning Show! Thanks so much to our subscribers for watching!

We started off with DIVE BAR WEEK: Owned by a real boxer, Jimmy Glenn on Jimmy’s Corner, New York City spoke with us about his bar. His top shelf Vodka is Grey Goose! View more information on Jimmy in the July/August Playboy issue.

Today was a DOUBLE Making’ Bacon, Kevin gave us the World’s Longest BLT, and Andrea gave us the Sqweel! The second Makin Bacon was a 100% ground bacon burger! It was delivered to us by hand all the way from Slater’s 50/50.

World’s Longest BLT

The Sqweel

Slater’s 50/50 Burger


MrSkin kicked things off with all the latest in celeb nudity. HOT!  If you are a big fan of Shark Tank, we recreated our own version of Bunny Tank today! Our panelists, Cindy Margolis and Playmates Kayla Collins and Kylie Johnson were our three judges for  Bunny Tank.

Inventor #1 Bonnie tells us about her product, while Allison models. Nice! more at

Inventor # 2 Next up was Lee with a cool new camera to make it more comfortable to shoot high-quality, sexy videos.  Danielle was the sexy camera girl. You can learn more about Lee’s invention at

Inventor #3 Veronica demonstrated her remote control ‘clit stimulator’  on Katrina!

And last (and perhaps least), Irregular Ed Inventor # 4 and Heathergave us an Adult News Magazine!

We ended today with a celebration including cake and ice cream!!!!

Wednesday 7/18/12

DIVE BAR WEEK continued as we spoke with Frank, the Co-Owner of Wally’s Café in Boston. Wally’s has helped hone the talents of Lady GagaJustin Timberlake and several more. Next time you are visiting Boston try it out! Questions for Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe came flowing this morning. Stay tuned for more advice and answers next week! Heffy nominations were presented, and 91-year-old Mike Greenstein took the winning Heffy Award. Greenstein effortlessly dragged his 2006 Buick down 48th Street in New York City. The Mighty Atom Jr. takes it down! Congratulations, sir – you are Hef-tastic!

The Power Hour:

Starting off strong with our famous trivia game “Know it Or Show it” had Bella and Lindsey removing clothes instantly! Bella ditched her Daisy Dukes, while Lindsey tossed her bikini top off. For a quick Cooling Off with Hotties tip we had our two models give each other Aloe Vera massages. It’s a cooling sensation everybody needs.

Tuesday 7/17/12

Talking to Jonah Falcon who was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport on July 9 because of a bulging package hidden in his pants joined us on the phone for a better description. The 41-year-old New Yorker wasn’t packing a dirty bomb, drugs or a Costco-sized tube of toothpaste. The New Yorker has the world’s largest recorded penis! It’s 13.5 inches! WOW.

DIVE BAR WEEK: Bailey Smith, GM of R-Bar in New Orleans is named one of AMERICA’S BEST BARS 2012 by @Playboy. Get a haircut and a shot! We also  played a round of CraigsLUST where Kevin and Andrea try to score dates with people selling things on Craigslist! They both FAILED!

The Power Hour:

Checking in with extremely sexy Shantal Monique for a Sexy Scavenger Hunt through Skype was a total success! Her first assignment was to stuff 10 grapes into her mouth. Before she swallowed one on accident we got to see her show off a black one piece slingshot.

Cooling Off with Hotties tip: Super Soak that Hoe? How about using water guns to squirt Jillisa and Sherra’s chests in a see through wife beater? I think so!

Take Me Out, hosted by George Lopez, is a provocative and unpredictable new dating series on FOX. Based on the hugely successful international format,it’s  a fast-paced, dynamic new series featuring 30 single women searching for a match and several brave bachelors who must make the final first impression. In the mini mansion, sexy contestants KelliKymNicoleJulia and Lisa stopped by.

We created our own version of “Take Me Out…. Of The Closet!” We tried to make a true Lesbian love connection.

The Playboy Morning Show

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Monday 7/16/12

Today we kicked off DIVE BAR WEEK! Playboy scoured the country for the best bars and narrowed it down to a select few, includingEarnestine & Hazel’s in Memphis, TN. The rumor is that Mick Jagger met the woman who inspired the song “Honky Tonk Women” at the bar. If you get there, make sure you check out their famous Soul Burger, and tell owner Russell we said “hello”! You can find the full list of  ”America’s Best Bars” the July/August 2012 issue of Playboy.

We caught up with model Chloe Miranda who spent the weekend atComic Con representing Playboy. She interviewed Gene Simmons, Stephen Moyer and many others. Chloe said there was plenty of flirting going on between her and legions of sexy geek girls – naturally. JustLOOK at her!

The Power Hour:

Chelsea Brooke gave us a final Five Day Filthy Forecast! Next week we will be casting for a new group of weather girls! Today’s Cooling off with Hotties tip was setting up a sexy Topless Lemonade Stand.Krystin and Nicky Nicole licked sugar of each other’s breasts! We ended today’s show by Filling Andrea’s Hole.