The Playboy Morning Show… And Tell

Rich Ord about something we like to call free speech. After his article had generated a lot of controversy for the show, we finally set things straight! Joining us on the phone was Mr. Skin giving us the rundown on this week’s nudity. Stay tuned for our next pun-on-pun with Mr. SkinJillisa Lynn battled Tawnie Lynn today with more sexy stories for our final four in March Badness. Tawnie’s one night stand turned into an all girl sex party, while Jillisa described her Halloween orgy! These bad girl stories were getting too hot! Tweet your votes @PBMorningShow!

The Power Hour
All the way from London, Natalie Loren talked with us about her sexy six page nude pictorial in the April 2012 issue of Playboy! The British DJ of Luxury Kills stated, “If I’m leaning down and the mixing decks are high up, my puppies (boobs) can get in the way, but I’m a professional I can deal with it!”

The incredibly hot and sexy health and fitness expert Fernanda Rocha joined us in the Mini-Mansion for “Sex Myth Busters.” Our lovely modelSandra Nadola demonstrated all the right moves! Evidently it is true that women can become aroused while working out their core.  They are called “coregasms!” Sandra and Andrea were given tips by Fernanda on how to feel the burn. Fernanda appeared on the Real Housewives of OC last season and is a co-owner of a Laguna Beach, CA gym The Art of Fitness. She currently has been working on her new clothing line Jiinga Brazil Fitness Wear, which you can check out on her website Don’t forget to attend her Brazilian Booty classes! Ending today’s Power Hour Andrea picked five lucky numbers 24, 21, 36, 41, 47 and 11 with her boobs to win Mega Millions!

This morning Kevin shared his depressing news how he did not win Mega Millions. If it makes you feel any better none of us did! On the phone we talked with Hillel Levin, who wrote “Officer Finnigan” in the new April issue of Playboy. He addressed the topic of good cops going bad! Finnigan was once a highly decorated officer who solved crimes and saved lives, but at some point the Chicago police officer went rogue. If you would like to check out his story see page 94 in the magazine!

Questions were flowing for Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe this morning! Chip tweeted, “I have lubed my brain in preparation to answer listener questions,” and he sure did! After hearing some peculiar stories from our callers, our March Badness contestants Jennifer Vaughn andDanielle Robinson joined us on the phone. Danielle shared her newest bad girl story first when she had sex with her boss at work! However, Jennifer blew her boyfriend in a truck while he was driving! These stories keep getting BADDER! Send your vote to Playboy Morning Show!

The Power Hour
During The Power Hour, we were happy to welcome Comedian Jo Koy back in the Mini- Mansion! Jo is a regular featured comedian at the world-famous Improv and is also seen weekly as a regular guest on Chelsea Lately. He tours the college circuit nationwide and performs in comedy clubs both in the US and internationally. Check out his Comedy Central special “Lights Out” this Sunday, 10/9c.

Things got hot and heavy in the studio when Nikki Oh and Leslie Augustino joined us for “Know It Or Show It”Leslie lost her dress answering her trivia questions incorrectly, while Nikki ditched her Daisy Duke Jean shorts in front of Jo!

This morning Kevin and Andrea discussed the return of Mad Men!  Don’t miss an all-new episode of Mad Men this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.

Uh-oh! Controversy surrounds The Playboy Morning Show! Someone has taken things completely out of context regarding our show, and was sharing irreverent information! Andrea mentioned, “the reason radio hosts have a lot of listeners is because they say things other people don’t have the balls to say!” If you don’t like it don’t listen! Thank you to all our supporting callers today we appreciate you! Our tech guy @BadMotherFather was back this week talking Games and Gadgets with us! Google introduced a new item as of yesterday called Google Play. This new item has games, music, movies and books listed under their media section, which allows you to get access through your phone for free. No computer connection is required.

The Power Hour
March Badness Elite Eight round two continued this morning with Nicolette Shea video chatting us, and Sandy Garza dropping by the studio! Sandy shares her sexy girl on girl action with ex- boyfriend’s hot girl cousin, while Nicolette shared her story when she gave her boyfriend a blowjob in his parent’s room on a boat! Tweet more votes for your favorite “bad girl” story!

SarahJasmine and Sara Sue also joined us in the mini mansion where they demonstrated some blindfolded girl-on-girl action! As they stayed blindfolded the girls put each other in their favorite sex positions! It was one hot mess!

Andrea guided the girls onto our trampoline where they remained sightless while jumping with each other. Once they were clueless of where they were standing the girls scrambled to put their clothes back on! It was a miss match of clothes between the sexy girls!

Kevin shared the latest version of Piranha 3DD, and it’s definitely worth watching! Check out the wild trailer here. The Weekly Chronicle returned, and we chatted with owner of 420 Specialists, Josh Leibowitz. There’s a new strain of marijuana called “Lin Sanity,” inspired by the New York Knicks’ basketball player Jeremy Lin. This marijuana is a top-selling OG Kush… and Jeremy’s lawyers aren’t happy about it! They’ve issues a cease-and-desist to dispensaries, and if the Lin-branded weed isn’t removed from the menu, there are rumors of some serious repercussions! Luckily, Josh has lots of other great stuff from which to choose.

Heading into March Badness Elite Eight Round 2, Tawnie Lynn and Julia Maksimova shared their second bad girl stories! Tawnie Lynn had sex with her boyfriend while his STEP MOM was in the room, and Julia gown down and dirty with a virtual stranger, in a taxi. Tweet us your vote at @PBMorningShowAfter a bit of Good Naked/Bad Naked stories, we dove straight into a fun-filled power hour!

The Power Hour
We kicked things off with Playmate of the Year 1982, Shannon Lee Tweed! She has a new mobile game that lets you kick groupies’ asses! It’s called Shannon Tweed: Attack of the Groupies and it’s available on iTunes tomorrow. She also shared with us that sex with hubby Gene Simmons continues to get better since marriage! Gene is a lucky man. We got the Five Day Filthy Forecast from sexy Desiree Claire,who gave us the sexual and educational run down. This week is heating up so stay sexy, according to Desiree! And we had more fun playing Truth or Bare with our sexy models StephanieCharlie andDesiree! Each girl had to convince Kevin and Andrea which sexy story belonged to them. Who got dirty with another girl in the back of a car, while her BOYFRIEND was driving? Who won a contest by balancing the most CDs on her nipple? If you weren’t listening, you can catch the replay tomorrow morning to find out – 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET.