The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell

IT WAS AN EXCITING WEEK AT THE MINI MANSION as we made our Playboy TV debut Monday morning! To help launch us into your TV set was sexy Playboy Cyber Girl of the WeekJillian Sheen! The brunette beauty likes to be dominated in bed and will occasionally use a vibrator during sex. She gave us a new sex myth for us to bust about women being more orgasmic while wearing socks. Hmmm guess we’ll just have to test that out! Oh and don’t worry guys, even though she doesn’t like giving BJ’s she’s all for substituting them for another girl to join in! Turn ON!

Our POWER HOUR on Playboy TV launched with Comedy’s Central’s Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele in the Mini Mansion. They joined us to help coach our Playboy Models in a little game we like to call… Punt, Pass and Tits! Before our gorgeous girls walked in studio, we found out that Keegan’s nickname used to be “Keagal.” Since Jordan wasn’t a 100 percent sure what keagals were, Andrea gave a very detailed explanation of the exercise.

Now onto Punt, Pass & Tits! Representing the New York Giants was the gorgeous Jamie Lynne and representing the New England Patriots was the sexy Megan Curry! These lovely ladies tested out their football “a-jiggle-y” with challenges like Tittie Pass and Catch, Erotic Touchdown Dance and Hike and Dike. Both girls did extremely well but in the end it was the NY Giants represented by Jamie Lynne who won with a last minute Panty Field Goal!

Playboy Playmate Miss January 2010, Jaime Faith Edmondsonchecked in with us Tuesday morning to give us an Indianapolis update for the big game and the big Playboy party happening Friday night. Be sure to listen in to Playboy Radio Friday night as Jaime broadcasts LIVE with fellow Playmate Pilar Lastra at the Playboy Party in Indy!

We were so excited Tuesday as it was the return of Skin to Win! Our beautiful Playboy models Hazel LeeCody Renee and Bodhi LaVey joined us in the Mini Mansion to flash us. We asked the questions and these lovely ladies had to flash us an answer with a body part. None of the answers was going to be arm or leg.

Super gorgeous Playboy Cover Girl Leeann Tweeden joined us in studio Wednesday morning to show us her lingerie collection by Elegant Moments! Now what’s lingerie without a hot girl modeling it for you! So we brought in sexy models Caitlin O’ConnorKady Green and Lauren Volker to show you just how great Leeann’s Lingerie Line is.

Playboy Playmate Sasha Bonilova also joined us Wednesday to campaign for the Playmate of the Year. Our members of the press… Leeann TweedenCaitlin O’ConnorKady GreenLauren VolkerKevin and Andrea… all took turns asking questions to PMOY candidate Sasha in our Playmate Press Conference. Sasha did very well as our members of the press asked the hard hitting questions like… How did she find out about Playboy in the Ukraine? And what kind of pubic hair trend would she like to start if she becomes PMOY?

We had a jammed packed show Thursday! The infamous Katie Morgan joined us in the Mini Mansion bright and early and we didn’t mind one bit. In her very sexy voice, she told us that her most memorable sex scene was when her hair got stuck in a mattress! She had no problem cutting her hair and getting a new hair style so she could continue her scene. What a trooper! Good thing too especially since she likes talking about sex just as much as she enjoys having sex.

Fandamonium made its TV début this morning as we had sexy girls Dani Mathers & Mishka Spencer in studio to stand over high-powered fans! Dressed in very flowy dresses, we asked each of our lovely ladies either a New York or Boston-based questions in honor of the Super Bowl. With every question these girls got wrong, we turned up the fan on the girls higher and higher. This of course meant that the girl’s skirts flew up higher and higher!

After we had our Fan Fun, we welcomed Playboy Playmates Jaclyn Swedberg & Tiffany Tothin studio for a thrilling Playmate Debate! Both beauties were told if they were going to be pro or con on the following topics … Pubic Hair, Sex Tapes & Male Sec Toys. Since Jaclyn & Tiffany gave great diplomatic responses, we couldn’t name a winner of the debate. We think it’s safe to say we all won this morning! Especially, when our “Punxsutawney Playmates” checked their nipples to see if they were hard to determine if Winter was going to last longer or if Spring was coming early. Well, our “Punxsutawney Playmates” saw their hard nipples and now we’ll have 6 more weeks of Winter!

We celebrated Super Bowl with our very own Super Sweet Tale-Gate Party Friday morning! We even got Playboy Bunnies to call in from the Playboy Club in Macao, China to help kick off our festivities. Yes, we know China doesn’t celebrate for the Super Bowl but they do celebrate the Year of the Dragon! The best way they celebrate, is by kissing each other. Isn’t that sweet!

Playboy Playmate Miss January 2012, Heather Knox, checked in with us to provide us with some Indy insider information for the big game this weekend. Since she is a native of Indianapolis, she was the perfect beauty to fill us in on all the craziness that is taking place out there this weekend!

Our tailgate wouldn’t have been complete without beer! So we had our official Sexy Mixologist Heather Storm join us in the Mini Mansion to mix us up BEERMOSAS!!! Heather made some delicious concoctions using Deschutes Brewery beers …

Giant Alemosa

12oz Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Ale

1oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Juice of ½ Tangerine

Garnish w/ a Tangerine Rind

Patriot Porter Float

12 oz Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter

3-4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

1-2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

Dash of Cinnamon

Dash of Nutmeg

To make sure our Super Sweet Tale-Gate was complete with food, Andrea got down on her needs for a fun round of “Put Your Meat in My Mouth!” One at a time, our sexy mixologist Heather fed Andrea … Duck, Rattle Snake, Rabbit, Buffalo, Chicken & Veggie meats. Since Andrea received the meat with her eyes closed, she had to determine which meat was which. YUM! She was so good that she named 5 out of 6!

After the beer and meat, our tailgate was still missing something … That’s right tailgate games! We had four hot girls in studio to recreate the infamous “are you ready for some football” commercial of two helmets colliding. Sexy Allison Sky allowed us to paint her beautiful boobies with helmets for the Patriots and Giants while Nikki, Dawn and Shannon provided us with our “tails.” Click here to see our commercial!

From painting titties to some Rear Pong action! That’s right the cup has a body part & the ball has an action! With every ball the girls toss into a cup they have to perform that action on the opposing player. Shannon sucked on Nikki’s ear; Nikki licked Dawn’s stomach, etc. and since Allison & Shannon both missed their shots, they had to take off their tops! We loved every minute of this game!

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