The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell

AFTER A MUCH-NEEDED MONDAY OFF, we came back to a Mini Mansion full of girls for Andrea’s Birthday! We celebrated Andrea’s birthday with some birthday spankings, ‘Bra-Breaking Andrea News’, and a game of  ‘Pin a Finger on Andrea’s Erogenous Zones’. First up to give the birthday girl a spanking, was Joelle Carter from FX’s “Justified”. Her job isn’t just being sexy on screen, they actually make her get down n’ dirty in fight scenes and with the star of the show Timothy Olyphant. During one of her scenes, she was shot in the boob and when her squib pack (aka a blood pack) exploded it hurt her boob! Hopefully, they take better precaution next time and  protect Joelle’s perfect chest. On another note, when she’s called to do a make-out scene with Timothy she tells her husband a little white lie… That Timothy has bad breath! The girls on the show don’t blame Joelle one bit!

Our resident body painter, Justine, joined in on our Andrea birthday fun as she got the chance to draw the biggest and best ‘Andrea’ headlines on model Mandii! The top headlines that made the cut… Driving off a cliff, med school, Playboy, Corona hand job and the Salt Shaker! Andrea News never looked so good!

As a birthday SURPRISE for Andrea, famous celebrity DJ, DJ Steve Aoki, called in to wish a very special happy birthday to Andrea!

To continue the birthday festivities, Playboy models Jamie Madison and Sydney Bartlette enter into the Mini Mansion for a fun game of ‘Pin a Finger on Andrea’s Erogenous Zones’! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? We blindfolded Andrea and our models, Jamie and Sydney, spun them around and had them go finger first towards Andrea’s topless body.

Wednesday morning, sexy Playboy Special Edition model Laya LeOwn checked in with us this morning! We learned that there is more to grooming your lady parts then just waxing, shaving or lazering. There’s also… vajazzling! Vajazzling is when little crystals that are put on the area after girls are groomed. By the looks of Laya and her mystery friend in the picture below, it’s a GREAT idea! So great that the thought of Laya getting vajazzaled while her friend watched and Laya watching her friend get vajazzled was turning her on!

Wednesday, we also had the privilege of calling one lucky girl we’d met at the Orange County Playboy Casting Call last week to give her the good news that she was picked to be a PLAYBOY MODEL! Kinzie definitely stood out to everyone at the casting call, especially her photographer who told her she had the best boobs for the day! Kinizie was on her way to work when we broke the news to her and was beyond ecstatic! She went from regular HOT girl to Playboy HOT model!

Thursday, we revisited with the newest member of the Playboy Family, Kinizie, as she wanted to break her wonderful Playboy news to her Grandma! Kinzie called us, alongside her “Double J” boobied friend, to let us know how the last 24 hours have completely changed her. To say the least, she has friends coming out of the woodwork to congratulate her. We continued to spread Playboy cheer as we called Kinzie’s Grandma to tell her the great news. After listening to Grandma’s ring-back tone of “Rock Around the Clock” we got her on the line and Kinzie told her she was coming to L.A. to shoot for PLAYBOY! Kinzie’s Grandma was beyond excited for her gorgeous granddaughter.

Featured on page 57 of Playboy’s January/February Issue, Panda Ling from the Phoenix Goddess Temple in Arizona joined us to talk to us about her sexual healing rituals. Her Temple was raided last September for being a “new age brothel.” Panda told us her temple offers several types of sessions to help in finding your energy spot and says that it’s more of a spiritual experience for “seekers.” She even talked Kevin and Andrea through an ‘exchange of energy.’ Now follow along… The woman is to take her writing hand (symbolizing the out-flow of energy) and place it on the man’s ‘wand of life’ (his penis). She then places her non-writing hand (symbolizing energy flowing in) on his heart. Get it? Ok, guys your turn… Kiss the corners of her lips. This allows her ‘other lips’ or her ‘gates of heaven’ to open. Simple enough!

To end our week, we chatted with Break-Up Professional, Jonathan Kiekbusch Friday. That’s right … If you’re looking to end your relationship with your “worse half,” call this guy he’ll do it for you! (For a small fee, of course.) Jonathan takes the hassle out of “the talk” and will explain to your “worse half” why the relationship is ending. After listening to just how soothing his British accent was when pretending to dump Andrea, you would think it would help him to be the voice of reason but we think the girl is still going to be pissed. Well, we can’t deny the fact that Jonathan was great at breaking up so we had him call our boss & break-up with him! Jonathan left our boss a “kind” voicemail. Now, we wait and see how our boss handles our decision to end our relationship!

Introducing our newest & sexiest game … NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We tied gorgeous bikini girls, Samantha & Georgia together bikini string to bikini string, back to back and had to work as a team to answer several trivia questions. A question wrong meant the girls had to step away from each other & a question right allowed the girls to take a step back towards each other. The farther away the girls got from one another, the looser their bikini’s got! Check out this video we took in the Mini Mansion … it’s HOT!


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