The Playboy Morning Show… and Tell

With the Playboy Casting Call taking place in Orange County, California, we brought in four girls Monday, to compete for a chance to win a priority slot to take off their clothes for Playboy! Danielle Robinson, Drea Hill, Tawnie Lynn, and Diana Ochoa joined us in the Mini Mansion to show us their skills!

After tallying up their scores from the Sexy Outfit Round, Talent Round & the Q&A Round … We couldn’t decide who to crown the winner! Seriously, how do you pick between 4 HOT naked girls? You don’t! So they all won the opportunity to join us at the Playboy Casting Call! Good luck, ladies!

We were LIVE from the Playboy Casting Call Tuesday, which means naked women followed by more naked women! To jump start our live broadcast from a secret hotel location in Orange County, California we chatted with two HOT foreign roommates Pia and Julia, who just finished their photo shoot.

Our Casting Call Pageant Winners stopped by our table to give us an update on how their auditions went! All we have to say, the Playboy photographers were very lucky to see these gorgeous girls naked! We can’t wait to see Tawnie Lynn, Diana Ochoa, Drea Hill and Danielle Robinson naked inside the pages of Playboy.

We put some of the girls at the Casting Call to our Sexy Cell Phone Showdown! 4 girls, 2 teams, 1 sexy camera phone picture! Team #1: Britta & Ashley. Team #2: Rebecca & Ashlie. Team #1, Britta & Ashley, took their naked photos on the counter in the bathroom. More sink than ass, but still hot! Team #2, Ashlie & Rebecca, took a picture that Kevin can only describe as A LOT OF TITTY! FYI, Ashlie has huge Asian titties! Bonus picture… All four girls took a picture together! We ended up sending the picture from Rebecca’s phone to one of her contacts – SURPRISE! The photo goes to… Angie! Her Mormon friend! The picture from Britta & Ashlie’s phone goes to…Antonio! A married guy – whoops! Let’s hope his wife didn’t see it!

We debuted a new game at the Casting Call, “The Fuck Me Voice! Based on girls’ voices only, Kevin and Andrea attempted to draft the sexiest team! After Jennifer, Nicole, Lauren, Ashley and Laura all answered questions about their favorite food, gave us their dirtiest talk, delivered us bad news and gave us their best orgasms, Kevin and Andrea were able to determine which girls they wanted. Who do you think has the sexiest “Fuck Me Voice” Team!

Team Andrea “The Bombshells”


Team Kevin “Andrea’s Rejects”

Finally, what’s a Casting Call without a vigorous round of “What’s Under The Robe“? The Contestants… Hot Heather from Sacramento, 6’2″ Trisha and cutie-pie Jordan! Kevin and Andrea took turns asking the girls questions to see which lovely lady had a butterfly tattoo, pierced nipples or who was fully NUDE. The results… Andrea wins! Heather was nude, Trisha had her nipples pierced and Jordan had the butterfly tattoo. Thanks for showing us “What’s Under the Robe” ladies!

It was straight from the Playboy Casting Call and back in the Mini Mansion on Thursday morning with sexy Playboy Cyber Girl Ashley Zeitler. Ashley was chatting with us while lying in her bad in just her bra and panties! Check out her sexy pictures on the Cyber Club. You’ll never think that this was her first Playboy Photo Shoot. Some fun facts about Ashley: She’s obsessed with bubble baths, loves wearing teeny tiny daisy duke shorts and her fantasy is to have sex on the beach! We also learned that she made a LEZ-olution when she turned 19 to be with a woman and that she already fulfilled her LEZ-olution! Turn ON! The Details… Ashley put out the word that she was looking for another woman to “play” with and one of her Hooters co-workers was a willing participant. As they snuggled up together in bed in just their panties, hands started to roam and things got hot and heavy between the sheets!

Thursday morning, actor Dermot Mulroney checked in with us to talk about his new film “The Grey.” Lucky Kevin was able to score an advance screening of the movie so he of course was bragging about how we all had to see it but couldn’t till January 27. Dermot was telling us that they didn’t film the scenes on sound stages but actually filmed the scenes in real snow and 40 degree weather! Talk about badass!

We welcomed Celebrity Trainer Osmin into the Mini Mansion fromOperation Osmin on NuvoTV. This guy is crazy! So crazy that he pretended to be mentally unstable to avoid being a soldier in the Cuban Military. Osmin came to the U.S. on a raft and has now made it as a celebrity trainer. He’s trained the best of the best and is known for perfecting bodies. His sex tips: Wear a snorkel during sex! Now, we’re not too sure about his sex tips but he did stick around to show a couple Hooters girls how to tighten up their already nice asses!

Hooters Hotties, Afton Storton and Victoria Brown came in studio to talk about the Hooters Dream Girl competition show that airs this Saturday on SPEED TV. Victoria is the reigning 2011 Hooters Dream Girl and is helping Afton gain votes to be Hooters Dream Girl 2012. Be sure to watch as 16 gorgeous Hooters girls take on challenges in Aruba all while wearing their bikinis!

To jump-start our Friday, we chatted with gorgeous Playboy Co-Ed Chloe Emerson! This blonde cutie blew us away with her stories of giving her first blow job at 15, how she’s always the one making out with her girlfriends and how much she loves playing “Truth or Dare!” Her most recent and exciting dare was for her to find a guy, get in the 69 position and try to unzip his pants with just her mouth. Turn ON!

After getting all hot and bothered with our sexy co-ed, fitness goddess & infomercial queen Forbes Riley joined us in the Mini Mansion to give us a live Nymphomercial Demonstration of the Spin Gym! This thing is amazing! Not only did Andrea try the Spin Gym, Andrea went TOPLESS while trying the Spin Gym. Apparently, that was a first for Forbes and we all enjoyed every moment of Andrea’s boobs flexing up and down.  Forbes even had Kevin try out the Spin Gym! The video is HYSTERICAL… Check it out here! Thankfully, he kept his clothes on.


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