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WE KICKED OFF OUR WEATHER GIRL AUDITIONS MONDAY MORNING, with the super sexy JacQue! She came in studio to give us her Filthy Five Day Forecast! This blonde bombshell wowed us the second she walked in the door wearing only a bright yellow lace thong. She did a great job of navigating from the weather on the west coast to the east coast and provided a very rousing forecast for the week ahead. Nothing says sunshiny day like a beautiful girl!

After JacQue informed us on the weather, we had CEO/Creator of the Little Rooster Alarm Clock Tony Maggs on the line. Now this isn’t your regular beeping alarm clock. This little guy vibrates a girl’s lady parts to gradually wake her up with pleasure. Turn ON! To show just how well this alarm clock works, we brought in hot models Regina & Brittany for a Sexy Slumber Party! The alarm clocks were set to go off at different times and when they did… you could definitely tell whose vibrator went off first. Since each device can reach up to a vibration level of 30, Brittany & Regina were more than just awake–they were awake with pleasure!

Playboy Hot Housewives Special Edition Cover Model Jessie Shannon joined us Tuesday morning for some gambling fun! We all placed our bets on Jessie’s sexual past, present and possible future adventures. Even though we were all losing money, we found out some fantastic things about Jessie! Here’s what we now know… Jessie is currently bare with very little stubble, she had a very heavy make out session with actor Jesse Metcalf, the craziest place she’s had sex was in an airport bathroom, and the best piece of information we found out was that she had a full out orgy with seven girls in a limo!

The super talented & gorgeous Debbie Gibson got comfy on our red couch in the Mini Mansion Tuesday. By the way, she walked in studio looking amazing without a bra on! Turn ON! Kevin was claiming all morning long that there was a spark between him and Debbie when he met her years ago over a cup of hot chocolate. Debbie said that she remembers Kevin but doesn’t quite remember the hot chocolate. Too bad Kevin didn’t capitalize on the ‘spark.’ When we chatted with Debbie about her role on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, she told us that she played the game like a guy and wasn’t afraid to call it like it was in the board room. We love a woman in charge! Oh and since we legally couldn’t show Debbie’s Playboy spread from 2005, we made Andrea draw Debbie nude! Not bad Andrea, not bad!

Stars of the animated Napoleon Dynamite on FOX, Efren Ramirez & Jon Gries joined us in studio Wednesday morning! You may remember them as Pedro & Uncle Rico. They were great sports as we brought in beauties Georgia Harris & Naj’a Irie to play Know It or Show It! We couldn’t let Efren & Jon leave without some naked fun.

Here were the categories…

  • It’s Black History Month, or as it’s now officially called Tyler Perry Presents February” … Questions about Black History Month
  • I can’t believe the Lesbian Wedding ended early when Prop 8-her-out” … Questions about Lesbians
  • The Reverse Cowgirl was way more fun than her sister regular cowgirl” … Questions about Sex Positions (Note: Girls had to demonstrate their answers)

Who could have predicted this! Naj’a was wearing the SAME exact underwear as Andrea! This was definitely a first for our show.

In the end both girls ended up… FULLY NAKED!

This week kept getting better & better! We had a Sexy Skype Session with Playboy Playmate Miss December 2007, Sasckya Porto, Thursday morning. Sasckya was looking beautiful on Skype as she chatted with us without panties! She proved it to us as she gave us a visual Underwear Update.  Turn ON! She told us that she’s now an AMERICAN Citizen! She took her Citizenship Test a month ago so we had to give the official Playboy ‘Welcome to America’ salute! And by salute we mean an Andrea Lowell Topless Salute (Kevin was nice enough to hold an American Flag in the background).

We continued our Thursday morning with Jon Glaser from Adult Swim’s “Delocated” in the Mini Mansion joined by two gorgeous Playboy Models! Jon helped us judge our “Breast” Test that we conducted to see if having big boobs hinders your driving abilities. Cyber Girl Jade Bryce (D/DD Cup) & Playboy Live model Tricia Evans (C/D Cup) both took turns in our Mini Playboy Car to attempt to Parallel Park. Both ladies did unbelievably well! It seemed as if driving topless actually helped our girls handle our mini car. We definitely thought at least one of them would take down a camera.

Jon felt left out so we let him drive our mini car and challenged him to parallel park in between our topless gals! He successfully parked the mini car without damaging our topless Playboy beauties. Well done, Jon!

Before are show came to an end, Jade was kind enough to share with us the art of Indian Leg Wrestling! Basically, it’s two people lying on the floor wrestling with just their legs. Of course when you put our spin on it, Indian Leg Wrestling is a very sexy game! Why we haven’t thought of this before, we don’t know! Thanks Jade & Tricia for demonstrating this fun, sexy wrestling game for us topless! (FYI … NSFW)

We ended things off this week with the new brown M&M and two hot girls playing Truth or Bare! With the reveal of the new sexy Brown M&M during the Super Bowl, we started to wonder how glasses make women look sexier! So, we brought in the cutest optician to help us try on various styles of eye wear Friday to find out which frame turned guys on. Kaileigh Brielle from Eye Candy Optometry was very successful in making Andrea look even sexier as she handed Andrea pair after pair. To make sure our little experiment was “accurate,” Andrea took off her shirt just to see if that would add to the level of sexiness. It did!




Playboy Cyber Girl Jillian Sheen & Playboy Special Editions Model Carrie Lynn joined us in studio for a fun round of Truth or Bare! Each lovely lady gave us several sexually based stories and we had to decide which story belongs to which girl. Keep in mind, that if a girl was picked out for telling the truth she had to take off clothes & the girl who was able to fool Kevin & Andrea won cash! In the end, both girls lost clothes & walked away with a little extra cash in their pockets!

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