The Mystery of Jenna Bentley Solved

jenna_bentley_mainWhy just a few days ago we were inching for more info on this blonde bombshell — and here we are? She’s got a lot of advertising campaigns and TV work booked for 2011, but says it’s hush-hush — visit and her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @jennabentley07, for details as they develop. Read on for the full story of this 21-year-old 34-double-D cover girl from Billings, Montana.

I think my best physical feature is: My eyes. They are the windows to the soul.

Men say my best physical feature is: My boobs, duh!

Tattoos: I have a few — I have 3 stars on my shoulder, which stand for my 2 brothers and myself, and the quote my mom always said to us, “shoot for the moon and you will clearly be amoung the stars.”

Sexiest woman ever, and why: Megan Fox. She is so sexy.

Sexiest man ever: Daniel Tosh from Tosh.O on Comedy Central — look at him, wow! Hook me up!

My best trait is: I never give up.

I wish more men would: Not lie to make themselves look cool.

Compliment me on: How I dance.

How much should a man groom his private parts?: Let’s play role reversal — guys, do you want to go down there and find a huge bush? Ew, ’nuff said!

My grooming down there: I hate body hair. You figure it out.

Favorite style of panties: I usually wear none because I don not like panty lines. But I think girls look so sexy in boy shorts!

What I like in a bra: Sorry, don’t wear those either.

Pet name for my boobs: Big and Bigger.

What I love about my boobs: They pay for themselves.

When it comes to my body, please do: Look but do not touch. Unless you are Megan Fox or Tosh.O.

When it comes to my body, please do not: Probe it like an alien. Watch some porn and learn how it’s done.

Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: Make sure to please the woman before you get off.

Physical feature I like to show off: Obviously my boobs.

The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: Bodypaint.

Something I will wear the bedroom if you are deserving: I’ll wear whatever my man wants.

A superficial thing I am attracted to: Abs.

My favorite physical feature on a man: Muscles.

My favorite trait in a man: Confidence.

A man will impress me if: He treats his mother well.

A man will disappoint me if: He makes false promises.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Just treat me like a princess!

I will not even give you a second look if: You smoke.

Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: There are too many to name just one.

I will sleep with you when: You are Tosh.O or Megan Fox.

I will never sleep with you if: You’re a showoff.

Don’t you dare: Tell me I cannot do something. Because I’ll do it — just you watch!

The best date I ever had was: A romantic dinner on the beach with candles and music.

I am the ideal woman because: I do not care what anyone says, and I have a great sense of humor.

I am not the ideal woman because: I am so stubborn.

I am the best in the world at: Making people laugh.

I need a man who can/will: Handle my growing career.

In my opinion, astrology is: Very interesting.

If you come to my house, don’t criticize: How I do not have one dish in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a chef, look elsewhere.

The last movie that made me laugh: Elf.

My philosophy of love: If it happens, just go with it.

My philosophy of sex: If it happens, just go with it.

My philosophy of life: You’ll have plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. You have only on life to live so make the most of it.

I should be on the cover of Playboy because: No explanation needed.