The MEGAN FOX American Apparel Swimsuit: What NOT to Buy Your Girlfriend for Christmas

What NOT to Buy Your Girlfriend for Christmas: The Megan Fox American Apparel Swimsuit!

It’s that time of year where we shower our loved ones with gifts we cannot afford and are not even sure they’ll like. Here at TSJ, we help you with insight into the female psyche where we can! We all agree Megan Fox is super hot, and while your girlfriend is also super sexy, we have to help you put your foot down here.

If your lady hints she wants the American Apparel swimsuit Megan wore on the cover of Rolling Stone, save her the disappointment at being the zillionth woman to be seen in this over-promoted, over-sold item of clothing in recent history. Don’t believe us? Hang on, we have proof! We assembled one very large photo gallery of lovely ladies wearing the infamous black suit.

Here is a gallery of 50 women wearing the suit. But do they look as good as Megan Fox does?

Wait — has this post backfired? You so want to get this for your GF now.