The 6 Sexiest Video Game Heroines NOT Named Lara Croft

Sexy Video Games

LARA CROFT IS THE AGREE-UPON HOTTEST video game heroine ever, right? And likely the reason many other video games have heroines at all—assuming you don’t consider a princess locked in a tower awaiting release a heroine. So let’s put her aside, or on a pedestal, and take a gander in the direction of some other digital ladies rendered to raise gamers’ heart rates.


1. Chun Li (Street Fighter series)

Sexy Video Games

Sexy and tough, Chun Li is one of the first female characters gamers actually wanted to play as because though Chun Li is little she is fierce. She’s an Interpol officer and much more than a pretty face, she kicks ass too. Literally. And while her thighs are notoriously thunderous, they pack lightning-fast kicks capable of taking down any opponent while looking great in a pair of knee-high boots.


2. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)

Sexy Video Games

Jill Valentine could’ve been Lara Croft if she had only been rendered in a pair of cut offs. An icon in her own right, Jill has been kicking zombie ass and taking zombie names through 17 years of Resident Evil games.

Somehow she manages to look amazing dressed in baggy military uniform pants and combat boots while running for her life—no small feat I assure you.

Plus who doesn’t love a woman who thinks nothing of blowing off a few hundred heads?


3. Kaileena (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within; Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones)

Sexy Video Games

First she wanted to kill the Prince in Warrior Within, then the Prince wanted to rescue her from doom in The Two Thrones, and on both occasions Kaileena stood out as the most unforgettable unplayable character.

It might have something to do with her hardly ever having any clothes on, like almost none, all the time. Seems like a queen would have access to an unlimited wardrobe, not that we’re complaining.


4. Tifa Lockheart(Final Fantasy VII series; Ehrgeiz; Kingdom of Hearts II)

Sexy Video Games

Tifa Lockheart first won hearts in Final Fantasy VII and many agree Cloud Strife was a fool not to choose her.

How could any man, real or digital, IQ or AI, not pick Tifa? Not only is she cute as all get out, she’s strong, intelligent, loyal and her marital arts skills are unmatched. Also have you seen what she’s wearing?

I’d save the world with her any day.


5. Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)

Sexy Video Games

There are not too many successful first-person shooters to feature a woman in the lead role, at least not among men who usually want to see any female characters they are playing with, but Joanna Dark is an exceptional exception to that rule. A deadly accurate shot, a great driver, better pilot and vicious hand-to-hand fighter, Joanna Dark is the heroine you need in any situation.

The spunky red hair and form-fitting body suit with zipper all the way down the front don’t hurt either.


6. Aya (Oneechanbara series)

Sexy Video Games

Possibly the least well known on this list, Aya might just be the most incredible. Decked out in the ideal zombie-fighting outfit, a bikini, leather chaps, and a cowboy hat, Aya is ready for all comers. It helps that she’s armed with a giant samurai sword. How many other video games let you control a hottie in a bikini with a giant samurai sword?

Oh, let you use that sword to lop of the heads of Zombies? Exactly. Why are you playing right now?