The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Agent Provocateur Reveals Monica Cruz’s True Self

For it’s Fall 2012 campaign, well known lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has tapped Penelope Cruz’s little sister, the equally hot Monica, for yet another cinematic outing of better-than-advertising proportion.

In the mini-epic, called Wilhelmina, we seen Cruz step out of a carriage into a dark, dingy and wet London street circa sometime in the 1800′s. She enters a building and is led to a back room, a photo studio of sorts where a gruff looking photographer promises his camera will “photograph your true self.”

Well, being a Cruz, Monica’s true self is pretty steamy and dripping with intoxicating sexuality. As Cruz seemingly stands still in her full coverage Victorian gown, the camera’s lens tells and entirely different and, to some, more interesting story.

Shut Up And Sleep With Me

In highschool it was cool to have sex in a car. Oh wait, not really. We had sex in cars back then because it’s not like we could bring our date to our parents house and have explosive sex within earshot of mom and dad.

But for adults, there’s no reason to have sex in a car. No reason at all. And housing site Idealista knows this. To convince those adults who are still doing it in the backseat they need to grow up and get a place of their own, the brand…shows people doing it in the backseat and getting caught. the ad is hilarious and does a wonderful job making its point. Love the use of Sin with Sebastian’s Shut Up and Sleep With Me.

Kate Hudson Still Hot After All These… Oh Wait… She’s Only 33

Kate Hudson has always been of the “classic beauty” side of things rather than the “smoking hot” side. Which is probably why upscale fashion brand, Anne Taylor tapped Hudson to front its latest ad campaign.

So as sexy ads go, this is on the classy side. No thongs. No bikini tops too small to contain gigantic, bulging breasts. And no sultry, come-hither looks. Nope. Just classic Kate.

Cleavage Goes ‘Exxtreme’ With Frederick’s of Hollywood

And no sooner do we clean up our act a bit with Kate Hudson, we’re right back in the gutter with smoking hot Amelia Racine who is lending her cleavage to Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Exxtreme Cleavage campaign. And if we do say so ourselves, extreme is a good word to describe hot hot Racine looks in these ads.

Hot Chick Attracts Customers, Computer Geek Retains Them

We shared one of the GoDaddy commercials with you earlier but there are several in the series and this one is definitely worth sharing. This one features Marlena, a smoking hot model who, in the ad, wears a skin tight, cleavage enhancing body suit. Marlena is GoDaddy on the outside – the eye canday that attracts customers to the brand.

In the ad with Marlena is Wallace. Marlena is GoDaddy on the inside. Where Marlena simply gets customers to salivate, Wallace actually makes things work for them. A perfect pairing if you ask us.

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Natalie Portman Gets Nude (Well, Ad Campaign-Style Nude) For Dior

Ah, Natalie Portman. You’ve been loving her since she played that Lolita-like character in The Professional, right? Well she’s grown into a fine woman and a super hot one at that. Feast your eyes on her in this Diorskin Nude make up ad. Smokin’ is all we have to say.



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