The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

“Puke In My Mouth” Hotties Apologize for Party Rocking

The “Puke in My Mouth” hotties are back with a spoof of LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking”. This time they’re promoting jewelry site The video stars the pair posing as two fashionistas sporting Boticca’s international accessories, poking fun at “fashion clones” and shopping through a number of fashion and style blogs.

Yup. We could watch these ladies do anything.

Ladies Panties Will Change the World

This one’s not super sexy but it does feature lingerie. Ladies where lingerie and panties for many reasons; to feel confident, to show off their assets and to make us guys crazy. But what if one of the reasons ladies wore lingerie was to help starving children in Africa? How sexy would that be? Well, one woman, University of Texas graduate Tara Smith thinks it would be very sexy so she set out to launch a line of lingerie that will donate 100 percent of its profits to the antipoverty cause.

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Skyy Brings Beer Babes to Vodka

Long ago beer brands, for the most part, gave up using hot chicks to shill their brew. If you recall, we had the Coors Twins, the Miller Lite Catfight girls, the classy Heineken beer babes, the burping and farting Troegs beer babe, the Skinny Blond skinny blonds and so many more. But no more. The trend ended and, for the most part, beer brands cleaned up their act and went in different directions.

Al is, however, not lost. Perhaps taking a note from Zarco Tequila who convinced us its spirits are concocted by “hot women in sexy lab coats”, Skyy, in its first ever TV effort, would like us to believe an army of fetching lasses is all it takes to host a vodka-fueled party.

Jessica Wright Models Lingerie for Slim and Stacked Women

Bra brand Alexis Smith realize that, apparently, there are quite a few women out there are skinny but have enormous breasts making it very difficult for them to find any lingerie that doesn’t look like granny-wear.

Jessica Wright, who appears on the UK show The Only Way is Essex and sports a set of (not natural) 32DD’s was tapped by Alexis Smith to model the line. Check out the images.

Perhaps the Weirdest Bottled Water Ad Campaign Ever

What’s really left to say about bottled water? After all, it’s just water in a bottle and just how many ways can you sell that? Which, of course, is why we get crap like this from bottled water brand Watta. We’re not quite sure whether the campaign is telling us it’s water bottles make great dildos or they help prevent celebrities from the dreaded pantiless crotch shot. Whatever the focus, the ads are kinda hot and that’s all we really care about here at TSJ.

One Ad Agency Only Hires Women With D Cups

Here’s a classic. To promote the Li Yue Long Men Young Creatives Competition, BBDO/Shanghai is used this video to spread the weirdest rumor: that all its female staff members are D-cups.

Finding three young D-cups in all of Asia is a feat, which alone made the video worth watching.

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Steve Hall publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point.

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